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By PW Staff
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Best Gay Bar with a Philanthropic Heart

Tabu Lounge and Sports Bar is the area’s premiere gay sports bar. That makes it unique, but there’s also another reason it stands out: its philanthropic spirit. While it might seem odd to have benefits at a bar that serves tacos, chicken wings and Miller Lite specials, Tabu has stepped up to host events like a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal party (which, like, totally worked!) and the ongoing campaign to eliminate gender stickers with SEPTA fares, and others, all with great turnouts. Next time you have inclination to go out and grab a drink, check Tabu’s Facebook or drop by; a portion of what you pay could end up supporting nonprofit programming, which will make the next drink taste that much better.

Tabu Lounge and Sports Bar, 200 S. 12th Street. 215.964.9675.

Best Public Place to Take a Drunken Piss

It’s easy for the toxic stench of trash, debris and piss to sting your nostrils walking around 13th and Walnut streets nearly anytime of the day. The latter seems to come from the beautiful black and gray cobblestones of Chancellor Street, where gays and straights alike take a leak after bars close, and there’s nowhere else to go. Sandwiched between a large red-bricked building on one side and slabs of concrete on another, the narrow street is perfectly secluded without being too far from the bars and close enough to IHOP or 13th Street Pizza for some greasy drunk food. Then again, people could actually have used the restrooms in the bars.

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