Three great Philly bartenders' view from behind the tap

Scenes from the lives of the city's colorful brew-slingers.

By Jared Axelrod
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Sharyn likes meeting new people while working behind the bar at City Tap House.

Photo by J.R. Blackwell

Tonight, though, is mellow. It’s a steaming, humid evening, and the customers file in shaking umbrellas and light raincoats. Mike doesn’t drink on the job, but he does have an experienced palate that he uses to guide Local 44 patrons to the proper purchase. “I’m partial to gin. I’m also partial to the whiskey family, scotch and burbon and the like. And I work at a place that specializes in craft beer, and I definitely like craft beer.”

Mike looks out at the swinging front doors at the weather outside. “On a hot, rainy day like today, I’d have to go with Liepziger Gose. It’s made with coriander and salt. I’d drink it to replace some electrolytes.”

He folds his arms and reconsiders. “Of course, a gin and tonic is fine, too.”

As much as he likes the beer and the people, Mike won’t dispute that the career’s long hours are something to endure: “It’s rough being on your feet for eight hours at a time. They should invent a bartending chair.” He pauses for a minute, picturing it. The idea bestows upon his normally implacable expression a brief smile. “It would have to be on wheels. Or legs. Like, a spider-thing, clanking and crawling around.” He nods. “I’m all for that.”

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