Lindeman's Framboise: PW's 50-Beer Countdown to Philly Beer Week, Day 3

By Eric San Juan
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Welcome to PW's 50-Beer Countdown to Philly Beer Week! Every day from now through the Opening Tap ceremonies on May 31, we'll be getting in the mood by spotlighting a different great craft brew that's been poured by one or more Philly Beer Week participating venues.

Is this even beer? Technically, yes, this bubbly pink concoction is beer, even if it does sort of resemble something you’d decorate with a mini umbrella. Lindemans Framboise is a fruit lambic, and an especially sweet example of one. Lambic is a big subject, but the short version is this: It’s a traditional Belgian style of beer fermented in part with an array of wild yeasts, bacteria and assorted critters. Sometimes lambics are dosed up with fruit to create kriek (cherries), peche (peaches), and framboise (raspberries), among others. These beers are often quite tart, and in some cases are mouth-puckeringly sour. Not Lindemans. This beer is so fruity and sweet you’ll be questioning your manhood even as you enjoy every delightful sip. (Hint: Pour a little onto a scoop of vanilla ice cream. You’ll thank me later. Or, if that's still too sweet, mix it with a half-glass of Hoegaarden to create what many local bartenders call a Dirty Hoe.) Lindemans Framboise is sometimes on draft at Monk’s, Bierstube, and other establishments specializing in Belgian beers.

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