Fuller’s London Porter: PW's 50-Beer Countdown to Philly Beer Week, Day 5

By Eric San Juan
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Welcome to PW's 50-Beer Countdown to Philly Beer Week! Every day from now through the Opening Tap ceremonies on May 31, we'll be getting in the mood by spotlighting a different great craft brew that's been poured by one or more Philly Beer Week participating venues.

Walk into a pub in England, any pub, and you will invariably find at least one porter. This decidedly English style of beer has been popular for hundreds of years, probably because porter has all the richness of flavor that traditional English food lacks. (Seriously, how do they eat the stuff?) Fuller’s London Porter is perhaps the world’s best example of an English porter, a beer so rich and complex you’ll be amazed that it’s only 5.4 percent ABV. This is a deep, dark beer that tosses off aromas of coffee and chocolate, with a creamy tan head and an appearance that screams, “Drink me, you lazy sod. Drink me!” Tastes of coffee, caramel, chocolate and more are woven into this utterly epic brew. Drink it, you lazy sod. Drink it! Fuller’s London Porter is sometimes on draft at Victoria Freehouse, which actually has quite delightful food, thank you very much.

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