Founders Dirty Bastard: PW's 50-Beer Countdown to Philly Beer Week, Day 17

By Eric San Juan
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Welcome to PW's 50-Beer Countdown to Philly Beer Week! Every day from now through the Opening Tap ceremonies on May 31, we'll be getting in the mood by spotlighting a different great craft brew that's been poured by one or more Philly Beer Week participating venues.

The cliché about Scots, or at least one of them, is that they appear sweet on the surface but can secretly kick your ass from here to Sunday. (I just made that up.) If the most popular beer style to come out of Scotland, Scotch ale, is any indication, that cliché toes on reality. (I made it up with good reason, see?) Scotch ale is a big, sweet style of beer that tends to be smoky and earthy, not unlike a cigar dipped in molasses. I’m not talking oot me fanny flaps when I say that when done right, it’s an incredible style of beer. Few do it right, and Founders Dirty Bastard is a smoky, peat-laden beer that will make your Irish Car Bomb look like the juvenile drink it is. If you can’t drop the hops and enjoy a malty but complex beer style like Scotch ale, oan yer trolley! (That is legit Scottish slang for "Go away.") Founders Dirty Bastard is sometimes available at City Tap House and Interstate Draft House.

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