5 Things You Should Do During Philly Beer Week

By Eric San Juan
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It goes without saying that Philly Beer Week is going to mean a city already awash in amazing brew will be swimming in it between now and June 8, but PBW is about more than simply going out and downing some suds at your favorite watering hole. This citywide event has inspired other cities to follow suit because it combines the spirit of exploration with the camaraderie of shared interests, the excitement of local pride, and the sense of community that comes when dozens of businesses join together as one.

Also, there is beer.

As you head out to enjoy PBW, here are five things you should be sure you do to get maximum enjoyment out of this remarkable week in Philly:

5. Broaden Your Horizons: Philadelphia offers an embarrassment of beer riches 365 days a year, but Philly Beer Week takes things a step or three further when it comes to the breadth and scope of the city’s offerings. More than any other time of year, this is a chance for you to break out of your normal drinking habits and try something new. So be fearless. Be adventurous. Try something you never thought you’d drink. You’ll be thankful you did.

4. Drink Local: The city is now awash in the suds of dozens of brewers from every corner of the country. While you’re chasing down Cigar City beers from Florida and Russian River beers from California and brews from everywhere in between, however, don’t forget to tap into the suds being brewed up right here in Pennsylvania. From Yards to Troegs to Victory to Weyerbacher and too many others to list, there is a LOT of great beer being made here at home. Go drink some.

3. Talk To Brewers: Philly Beer Week presents a rare opportunity to actually talk with the people who make your favorite brews. Be sure to do exactly that. Brewers love to talk about their craft, yes, but they also love simply basking in the camaraderie that comes with our mutual love of great beer. If you find yourself at a tap takeover or themed event – and there will be dozens of them in the next week – be sure to say hello to the brewers in attendance.

2. Pair With Food: We too often tend to look at beer in a vacuum, but the truth is that beer is often at its best when thoughtfully paired with food. Even avid craft beer enthusiasts can be shocked at how eye-opening a great pairing can be and how strongly it can enhance and complement a beer. There will be ample opportunity to do exactly that during a number of PBW events. Watch for them. Go to them. And pair, pair, pair! You’ll never see beer the same way again.

1. Walk The City: Perhaps more than any of the above, the most important thing you can do during Philly Beer Week is to reconnect with your love of the city. It’s easy to forget, so hit the pavement and remind yourself. Walk the streets while hopping from tavern to tavern, and do so with your eyes OPEN. Take a moment to appreciate Philly’s micro-neighborhoods. Raise a glass to the friends and neighbors you have here that make living in and visiting the city great. And most of all for beer lovers, bask in the knowledge that you live in one of the greatest beer cities in the nation. Cheers!

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