Philly's Celebrities Share Their Favorite Beer and Bars

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Favorite place to drink: I really enjoy the beers at Earth Bread + Brewery in Mt. Airy. They do these really distinctive smoky beers from time to time.

Marshall Green, chef/owner Café Estelle

Favorite beer: Genessee Cream Ale out of a can while I am fishing on my boat in Lake Carey, Pa. Bad beer out of a can while fishing is just fine.

Favorite place to drink: Miller High Life at Bomb Bomb BBQ Grill. It is always VERY cold and is a perfect accompaniment to their spicy red mussels and a half rack of ribs.

Thomas Choinacky, performance artist

Favorite beer: Brooklyn Local. It is the only thing I drink at the P.O.P.E., comes in a giant bottle, high alcohol content and a great deal.

Favorite place to drink: The Citizens Bank Park parking lot. Enjoying the outside with friends is a recipe for great memories.

Kyle Cassidy, photographer

Favorite beer: Dragon’s Milk by New Holland Brewing Company. It’s heavy, very chocolaty with quiet fruit accents of fig and orange in the finish and a little sparkle—like a whisper of smooth bourbon having a party in your mouth after it’s gone.

Favorite place to drink: Local 44. They have these super-knowledgeable beer freaks tending bar in there. You sit down there and someone asks you a bunch of seemingly unrelated questions like who your favorite Beatle is, how many gears on a bicycle is too many, whether pigmy marmosets are cuter than baby hedgehogs and stuff like that, and then they produce some weird beer you’ve never heard of with a name like “Beckley’s Otter Porridge” or something. Then, based on the faces that you make when you’re drinking whatever beer, they off and fetch something else, and it’s better than the last one, and pretty soon every bartender in the place knows what you’ll like and what you won’t.

Reuben Frank, sportswriter, WIP host

Favorite beer: This is a lifetime quest, and I’ll never stop searching, but right now I’ll go with the Tröeg’s Perpetual IPA, a limited-edition Imperial Pale Ale from the beloved Hershey microbrewery. Clean, hoppy, spicy and does a great job hiding its 7.5 ABV.

Favorite place to drink: Johnny Brenda’s is a neighborhood corner bar with gourmet comfort food downstairs and the best bands coming through town upstairs. You’re not going to beat a Sly Fox Royal Weisse and the city’s best burger downstairs and Robert Pollard, the National or Sebadoh upstairs.

Carly Marcoux, co-founder of music blog Philly Girl About Town

Favorite beer: Any type of chocolate stout. Yum! Last night at the North Star I tried their on-tap Cocoa Loco Stout and it was super-delicious!

Favorite place to drink: I used to live about half a block from the Royal Tavern, and that’s actually where we had our first meeting about the blog with all of us girls over Bloody Marys. I think it’s dark enough to be there by yourself, and light enough to see a friend two seats down and have a chat with them while listening to good music. Mostly I’m looking for a room that has dark wood, good beers and somewhere that has the feel of a rec room or someone’s back-room pub.

Isaiah Zagar, creator of Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens on South Street

Favorite beer: My favorite, favorite beer is Tsingtao. It has a fresh, sparkling water taste that goes perfectly with dim sum—and I love dim sum.

Favorite place to drink: I like Tattooed Mom because it’s a host to so many young loungers. Couch lizards.

Amanda Damron, singer, GANG

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1. Anonymous said... on May 30, 2012 at 04:45PM

“you are the man tommy pope”

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2. Anonymous said... on May 30, 2012 at 08:39PM

“I like pizza”

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3. Anonymous said... on May 30, 2012 at 10:30PM

“where are the celebs?”

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4. Anonymous said... on May 31, 2012 at 08:20AM

“in the bar apparently

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5. JB said... on May 31, 2012 at 12:14PM

“They included a good number of clueless, unadventurous beer drinkers. I'm surprised none of them mentioned Bud Light in those sweet, blue bottle/can deals you find all over the street, but you know those must be great because of the way they make people go “Woooooo!” when they drink them. I understand the point wasn’t to interview people inside the Philly beer scene, but some of these are like promoting restaurant week by talking to folks about their love of Campbell’s soup and Wendy’s burgers. Other articles about beer week have been about establishing Philly as a premier beer city. I think this one shows how far we have to go yet. Most people are still staring at the back of the cave.”

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6. Anonymous said... on Jun 4, 2012 at 06:05PM

“For a guy named Joe Sixpack waitta not commit to anything ever.. should've excluded him for that alone.”

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7. melissa bang-bang said... on Aug 8, 2012 at 09:08PM

“JB, Have you been to Wendy's lately? They got rid of their taco salad for this crap Santa Fe salad or something!!! I see where they were going changing iceberg to spring mix, but the hot chili totally wilts the greens. And the avocado salad... if you can even call it that... I mean, EWE! SO DISAPPOINTING!

@ Anonymous said... “where are the celebs?”
So sorry, they should've said philebrities instead of celebrities. We're not famous, just popular, obviously some more than others. I know, I know, your feelings are hurt cause you wanted to play reindeer games too. I'm sorry!



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