PW's Year of Beer: Lost Abbey Serpent’s Stout

By Eric San Juan
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We love beer. That's why we're devoting an entire year to discovering (and drinking) cold ones from near and far. Know of a beer worth shouting out? Send us a note at

One of the wonderful things about exploring beer is that you can experience so much variety even when exploring a very narrow category of beer. Take this imperial stout by California’s Lost Abbey, for instance. The imperial stout is a sub-style of the broader “stout” category, which itself is just a style of ale. Still, there can be tremendous variety in this sub-sub-style. Serpent’s Stout zeroes in on the coffee flavors common among imperial stouts, offering roasty richness that comes across like an espresso-glazed brownie. None of the bold hop bitterness you’ll find in imperials stouts like Stone’s, but it’s also not a sweet imperial stout, like the one by Fegley’s. Here the potent dark malt sweetness is offset by that bitter roast and the bite of dark chocolate., along with touches of dark fruits. Explore the complexity at Moriarty’s, Bar-ly Chinatown and the Belgian Café.

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