PW's Year of Beer: Kane Cloud Cover

By Eric San Juan
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We love beer. That's why we're devoting an entire year to discovering (and drinking) cold ones from near and far. Know of a beer worth shouting out? Send us a note.

When Kane started brewing beer in New Jersey two years ago, few people paid attention. After all, despite the efforts of excellent breweries like Flying Fish and River Horse, New Jersey has hardly been a mecca for great brewing. Kane has helped change that perception with their ever-changing lineup of well-crafted, slightly-quirky beers. Cloud Cover fits both descriptions. Ostensibly a witbier aka Belgian white—the best known examples are Hoegaarden, Allagash White, and Blue Moon—this one goes well off the style's beaten path by using obscure Japanese hops (Sorachi Ace, which impart a lemon-tinged hop taste), fermenting with saison yeast, and including some rye in the recipe. So—maybe it’s not a witbier at all? No matter. What it is is a hazy, light-bodied brew with mild citrus, pleasant spicing from both the yeast and coriander, and a tart finish. It’s not quite what you expect, and that makes it interesting. Try it at the Pour House Westmont.

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