Philly's Celebrities Share Their Favorite Beer and Bars

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Favorite place to drink: Copabanana on Fourth and South streets. It’s such a fun atmosphere with a very diverse crowd. They have a good selection of beer and their margaritas and food are amazing. You’re guaranteed a great time and its right in the heart of South Street!

Craig Arthur von Schroeder, owner of Commonwealth Proper

Favorite beer: Narragansett’s Summer Ale, because it’s soon to be the season for outdoor living.

Favorite place to drink: C19. It’s a hidden Rittenhouse spot that’s just the right size and always a good crowd.

Kuf Knotz, rapper

Favorite beer: Bucklers. Of my choices in the nonalcoholic brews, this is the tastiest!

Favorite place to drink: Standard Tap! They have a chickpea sandwich that is awesome! Atmosphere is great and Max, one of the coolest cats in Philly, works there.

Avalon Clare, illustrator, DJ

Favorite beer: New Belgium’s Sunshine Wheat because it’s light, summery, and brewed in my lovely hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Favorite place to drink: 12 Steps Down because the staff is awesomely friendly, I can smoke inside, there’s a pool table and their karaoke night on Tuesdays is always a blast.

Sean McGuinness, drummer, Pissed Jeans

Favorite beer: My top favorite all-time beer at this current moment is Oerbier. It’s brewed by De Dolle, a small brewery in the town of Essen, Belgium. It’s like taking an ecstatic sledgehammer to the face. Fruity, but not sweet. Dark and complex with just enough tartness to give you the feeling that you have a better chance at sex than the tall, dark and most assuredly bigger-dicked European drinking a Heineken at the bar next to you.

Favorite place to drink: Other than Resurrection Ale House where, yes, I am still currently and euphorically employed, my favorite place to drink in the city is illegally, by the river, right under the Walnut Street Bridge at the salivating mouth of the best beer-drinking city in the United States. ■

Ian Morrison, drag performer “Brittany Lynn”

Favorite beer: I love a good framboise—it’s like a gay champagne with only 2.5 percent alcohol so it won’t interfere with my other recreational habits! It has a beautiful ruby color, and who doesn’t love a shiny pink head?

Favorite place to drink: My favorite place to drink beer is Manny Brown’s on South Street: amazing food, even better beer menu and a gorgeous selection of guys I can watch while they watch the games on the flatscreens. I can see all the hot bike messengers and hipsters I want without having to shop at American Apparel for low-cut V-necks.

Bill Ricchini, singer/founder of Summer Fiction

Favorite beer: It depends on the season, but Dogfish 60 Minute IPA is always delicious and a crowd pleaser. 

Favorite place to drink: Tough choice, but I’m going to stay true to my local pub The Pope and their pretty insane beer selection. Not to mention they have the best nachos in Philly to pair with those tasty Sly Fox cans and whatever is on the tap rotation.

Hillary Rea, comedian/storyteller

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1. Anonymous said... on May 30, 2012 at 04:45PM

“you are the man tommy pope”

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2. Anonymous said... on May 30, 2012 at 08:39PM

“I like pizza”

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3. Anonymous said... on May 30, 2012 at 10:30PM

“where are the celebs?”

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4. Anonymous said... on May 31, 2012 at 08:20AM

“in the bar apparently

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5. JB said... on May 31, 2012 at 12:14PM

“They included a good number of clueless, unadventurous beer drinkers. I'm surprised none of them mentioned Bud Light in those sweet, blue bottle/can deals you find all over the street, but you know those must be great because of the way they make people go “Woooooo!” when they drink them. I understand the point wasn’t to interview people inside the Philly beer scene, but some of these are like promoting restaurant week by talking to folks about their love of Campbell’s soup and Wendy’s burgers. Other articles about beer week have been about establishing Philly as a premier beer city. I think this one shows how far we have to go yet. Most people are still staring at the back of the cave.”

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6. Anonymous said... on Jun 4, 2012 at 06:05PM

“For a guy named Joe Sixpack waitta not commit to anything ever.. should've excluded him for that alone.”

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7. melissa bang-bang said... on Aug 8, 2012 at 09:08PM

“JB, Have you been to Wendy's lately? They got rid of their taco salad for this crap Santa Fe salad or something!!! I see where they were going changing iceberg to spring mix, but the hot chili totally wilts the greens. And the avocado salad... if you can even call it that... I mean, EWE! SO DISAPPOINTING!

@ Anonymous said... “where are the celebs?”
So sorry, they should've said philebrities instead of celebrities. We're not famous, just popular, obviously some more than others. I know, I know, your feelings are hurt cause you wanted to play reindeer games too. I'm sorry!



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