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The Foodery's Mix-a-Six Picks.

By Suzanne Woods
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Mix-a-Six Picks

Some drinkers are seasonal. Some are Michelob 365. But certain occasions call for certain beers and vice versa. Let's tap bottles to six occasions summoning you to the Foodery.

Troegs Troegenator

Harrisburg, Pa.

You come back to your car to see your hubcap concealed by a circular slab of yellow metal courtesy of the Philadelphia Parking Authority. You're suddenly on a budget--but still need a few bottles. Go with Great American Beer Fest Gold Medalist Troegenator, a rich and malty doppelbock from the folks in Harrisburg. It'll go down almost too smoothly. Not nearly as bitter as you.

Founders Dirty Bastard

Grand Rapids, Mich.

You caught him sneaking some on the side and you have to break it off: Sip on this Scotch ale. Savor the caramel malt character and hints of smoke. It gets better.

Southampton Double White

Southampton, N.Y.

Everyone's grown up a bit and a sixer of Yuengling just doesn't cut it anymore. Bring this Imperial White ale from New York. It has a perfect balance of coriander and orange peel, leading to a more mature drunk.

Anchor Liberty Ale

San Francisco, Calif.

No better way to wash away the last eight years of ... well, lameness. With so many other pale ales, Anchor gets overlooked. Leave it to ex-Phillies announcer Andy Musser to get the word out about this wonderfully balanced ale. Play ball!

Malheur Brut Dark

Buggenhout, Belgium

She said yes, she'll marry you. She doesn't even care about your sleep apnea. To celebrate, pick a BYOB (I recommend Chloe or Marigold Kitchen) and bring a big bottle or two of beer instead of wine. Malheur Brut Dark has hints of chocolate, toffee and Belgian candied sugar. It'll pair up perfectly with banana and chocolate desserts. The brut is quite spritzy--like a typewriter on your tongue--and cuts nicely into the richness of a decadent sweet.

Gouden Carolus Noel

Mechelen, Belgium

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