Pick Six: Birds, Bitches and Blood

Beer Lass offers six new beers to try.

By Suzanne Woods
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The Beer Lass lets you know what's on tap.

Photo by stoicviking, via Flickr.

Flying Dog “Raging Bitch”; Fredicksburg, Maryland; 8.3% abv: There has been a bevy of Belgian IPA’s to come across my liver in the last year. But none hoppier than Flying Dog’s 20th Anniversary Ale. Although, fermented with Belgian yeast, the amarillo hops are indeed throwing knives. Perhaps the perfect prescription after some heated words with the gentleman friend. $2.65

21st Amendment Monk's Blood; Cold Springs, Minnesota; 8.3% abv: Finally –a Belgian strong dark ale in aluminum! These canning and cunning brewing brothers felt the most sublime of the Belgian monks’ beers were dark like blood -- rich and nourishing. They discovered this on a trip to Belgium when they snuck into the monks’ basement. One sip in, this malt bomb of a beer storms your palate, hailing figs, then sprinkling cinnamon. $3.65

Bells Best Brown Ale; Kalamazoo, Michigan; 5.8% abv: I love Bells, and I love brown ales, but admittedly this is not my favorite of either. However, the fact that it is now available in a five-liter keg can is newsworthy. It is good beer. There’s loads of caramel malt so it’s on the sweeter side. But word to the wise -- there’s about 15 servings. Once tapped you should be tapped out in two to three days. $27

Dark Horse Tres (Blueberry Stout); Marshall, Michigan; 4.5% abv: I first heard about this beer three years ago from homebrewing friends who were transplants from Michigan. They raved about it. This stout is full of lean muscle. There’s lots of roasted character with an undertone of blueberry and not a lot of alcohol. If Tres was a transformer it would morph into slightly burnt toast with a light spread of blueberry preserves. Mmm. $2.45

Brew Dog Bashah; Scotland; 8.6% abv: The bottle script lectures that one shouldn’t categorize beers into styles. But according to Professor Greg Koch of Stone Brewing, this might just be the world’s first ever commercially brewed Black Belgian Double IPA. They got together with Scottish punks BrewDog and colored me intrigued. Take a trip to the dark side -- albeit a pricey trip -- with this slight suggestion of smoke, chocolate malt and a heavy hand of woody hops. $6.95

Pretty Things Babayaga Sylvan Stout, Massachusetts; 7% abv: We’ll stay on the dark side here. Literally and figuratively. BabaYaga is a witch-like character that takes flight on a broomstick, kidnaps small children, and lives in a hut which stands on chicken legs. This whole twisted scene is depicted on the label. It’s an export-strength woodland stout with smoked malt and rosemary. Look for Pretty Things to hit Philly taps soon. $8.95 for 22 ounces.

*Pricing based on mix-a-six rate from the Foodery

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1. Dave said... on Jan 29, 2010 at 12:40PM

“Flying Dog is based not in "Fredicksburg," but in Frederick, MD.”

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2. Anonymous said... on Jan 31, 2010 at 05:41PM

“Just a quick note- Flying Dog's Raging Bitch and 21st Amendment Monk's Blood should be listed here as Belgian style beers and not Belgian beer....important to note the distinction between the two....”

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3. Chris said... on Feb 2, 2010 at 06:47AM

“Quick note from Scotland: Brewdog is ridiculously expensive here, too. Had it described at several bars in the Lothians as "brewed for the American market."”

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