Mix-a-Six: Beers for Spring

Six beers that go fine with good weather.

By Suzanne Woods
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The Bruery Saison de Lente 6.5 percent abv

The “bruery” is brand new and this beer pours like hazy sunshine in your glass. It’s unfiltered and dry, yet thirst-quenching. Saison translates to season in French. Farmers would brew the farmhouse ales in the winter months to drink them during warmer days. This rookie also ranks 16 on Beer Advocate’s top 50 beers (in the world) to drink this spring. Price to be determined for 750 ml

Hitachino Nest White Ale 5% abv

Craft breweries do exist in the “Land of the Rising Sun.” It’s not all Asahi. Most people’s introduction to white beer is Hoegaarden. Let’s talk to other people at the party. Say hello to this this delicate flower, Hitachino. First recognized by the signature owl bottle, then for the liquid. But she’s got it all, refreshing and spicy, clean, but a bit pricey. $5.50

Unibroue Ephemere 5.5 percent abv

Ladies tell me they don’t like beer and order cider. I gently press them to order this apple beer. Pressed apples turned into juice, added to spring barley and malt. Coriander and Curacao added later in the brewing process. Despite its name, the beer is available year round in bottle. $3.65

Troegs DreamWeaver Wheat 4.8 percent abv

The Troegs brothers refer to this seasonal as an “unfiltered blast of spicy, mouthwatering joy.”

“DreamWeaver” is an American wheat beer weaved of hints of banana and clove. Go get some brie and together they will get you through the ni-hight.” $3.25

Dogfish Head Aprihop 7 percent abv

The biggest of the spring bunch is from Dogfish, no surprise. The surprise is that the apricot isn’t as apparent as the caramel malt backbone and the whole leaf hops. Here’s a beer that would satisfy any hophead with just a pinch of the “Armenium plum.” $3.65

Sierra Nevada “ESB” 5.9 percent abv

ESB has a double meaning and this is a doubly delightful beer. ESB stands for “Early Spring Beer” as well as “Extra Special Bitter” Sierra takes the classic bitter style so loved from England and throws in some West coast style via dry hopping. The key to an ESB is a balance of British malts and hops and Sierra has opened the door for us. $2.35

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