PW's Year of Beer: Great Lakes Burning River

By Eric San Juan
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The American pale ale is such a basic, ubiquitous style of beer you may not imagine there could be much variety between examples. That assumption would be incorrect. Even with a stripped down style such as this, there can be marked differences from one pale ale to the next. Take Great Lakes’ Burning River, for instance. This reddish-gold brew looks rather unassuming. Its aroma throws up no red flags, either, delivering a bit of pine resin and crackers but nothing that suggests it will be any different than the last pale ale you drank. That first sip, though, is another story. Bracing bitterness absolutely scours your tongue. There are some grainy, graham cracker-like malts to balance things out, but by and large this pale ale is a delivery vehicle for bitterness. Perfect for those who likes their hops with no compromises. Get your hops on at Institute and Slainte.

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