PW's Year of Beer: 21st Amendment Fireside Chat

By Eric San Juan
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We love beer. That's why we're devoting an entire year to discovering (and drinking) cold ones from near and far. Know of a beer worth shouting out? Send us a note at

It may be well past the holidays, but some winter brews still linger on the taps—and they are still worth checking out. Fireside Chat is one of them. This is 21st Amendment's take on a winter beer, and it's not mild-mannered. This beer is packed tight with winter spices. Pour it and the aroma is like gingerbread cookies, those holiday breads you can never finish and dark candy malts. But the big feature here are the spices usually associated with holiday fare—cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, allspice, nutmeg, ginger and others. They just flood through your mouth and cleanse them of all other tastes but the spicing. There is nutmeg and probably cinnamon and other “wintry” tastes, but it's so big and overwhelming you'll find it hard to pick out specifics. See if you can unpiece the riddle at Bainbridge Street Barrel House.

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