Goose Island Sofie: PW's 50-Beer Countdown to Philly Beer Week, Day 32

By Eric San Juan
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Welcome to PW's 50-Beer Countdown to Philly Beer Week! Every day from now through the Opening Tap ceremonies on May 31, we'll be getting in the mood by spotlighting a different great craft brew that's been poured by one or more Philly Beer Week participating venues.

A brief history lesson almost seems in order here. At one time, Goose Island was the king of the Midwest. They were Chicago’s crowning jewel of beer, and their Bourbon County series cast a shadow on craft brewing that continues to this day. Last year, AB-InBev, the largest brewer in the world, the same group that swallowed up the massive Anheuser-Busch empire and sold it outside of the United States for the first time since 1876, bought up Goose Island, one of America’s most beloved craft breweries. But here’s the thing: Goose Island continues to produce great beer. Sofie is their take on the legendary Trappist beer called Orval, a light, fruity, bready brew that sparkles like champagne, impresses with its subtle layers of spice, and surprises with its drinkability. You want to talk wonderful? Talk about this. Beers this good should not drink this easy. And, as an added bonus, it ages gracefully. Sofia is sometimes available at Westbury Bar.

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