10 Tips for Chilling Out With a Drink

Maybe you can’t take a beach vacation right now. That doesn’t mean you can’t take a new approach to city sippin’.

By Nicole Finkbiner, Stephen H. Segal and Cristina Perachio
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Remember those boozed-up milkshakes we mentioned? Here’s a secret: If you’re ambitious, you can make one yourself with some of the highest-quality chocolate in town. Just BYO to Bella Vista’s Golosa Cafe (806 S. 6th St.); this cozy and romantic European chocolate bar uses only the best in their Frullati al Cioccolato, cold chocolate shakes. While they’re rich in flavor, they have a frothy texture, noticeably lighter than your usual soda-shop milkshake, making for a refreshing finish to any summer dinner. Owner Fabio Scarpelli recommends adding a dark, spiced rum to most of his favorite drinks; try Arancino (70 percent chocolate with orange) or Cocco (70 percent chocolate with coconut.) If rum isn’t your taste, substitute a bottle of tequila, vodka or bourbon for daily changing pairings.

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