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Stephen H. Segal

Managing Editor
Anastasia Barbalios

Arts & Culture Editor
Sheena Lester

Staff Writer
Randy LoBasso

Kennedy Allen, Jared Axelrod, Bill Chenevert, Sean Corbett, Brian Freedman, Josh Kruger, Craig D. Lindsey, J. Cooper Robb 

Contributing Photographers
J.R. Blackwell, Kyle Cassidy, Jeff Fusco, Karrisa Olsen, Felicia Perretti, Ashley Catharine Smith


Advertising Manager
Deidre Simms (ext. 163)

Retail Account Executives
Katherine Curtin (ext. 125), Brandon Szeker (ext. 118), Jasmine Ingram (ext. 144), Monica Kanninen (ext. 145)

Classified Senior Account Executive
John Maguire (ext. 126)

Classified Account Executives
Arnetta Reddy (ext. 100), Susanna Simon (ext. 134)

National Advertising Representative
VMG Advertising

Marketing Coordinator
Nicole Leyrer (ext. 116)

Circulation and Distribution managed by
CCN Logistics, Circulation and Mail

Office Administrator
Danielle Mitchell


Review Publishing

Chairman & CEO
Anthony A. Clifton

Chief Operating Officer
John Gallo

Vice President
James Stokes

Network & Desktop Support
Jeanne Terne

Kaitlin DeRoo

Production Manager
Holly Siemon

Senior Graphic Designer
LeTera Haynes

Graphic Designers
Dionna Gary, Donna Mackey


A S S O C I A T I O N   O F  A L T E R N A T I V E   N E W S W E E K L I E S



Internships are offered to students interested in getting first-hand experience at an alternative weekly newspaper. At Philadelphia Weekly, interns have the opportunity to learn about all aspects of the editorial process, while specializing in fact-checking and research. For particularly motivated and talented individuals, there will be opportunities to write short pieces for publication.

Internships at Philadelphia Weekly are unpaid. They may be—but certainly don't need to be—used for academic credit. When reviewing applications, PW considers (in no particular order) experience, research/writing ability, availability and enthusiasm.

If you are interested in an internship, and the idea of joining the wild world of alternative weeklies excites you, please send a hilarious cover letter, resume and scintillating clips to:

Anastasia Barbalios, Managing Editor



Let us know.