Love Statue

The City of Brotherly Love will pull out all the romantic stops for Valentine's Day. | Image: Visit Philadelphia 

It’s a City of Brotherly Love story.

Get it? Love … story? It’s a love story. Eh, never mind.

Love, in all its many forms, has come to the City of Brotherly Love once more.

Dinner dates. Drinks and dancing. Some sweet apps and a freakin’ Love Boat party on The Moshulu. There’s almost too much to do on this fine February Day of Endearment (just kidding—there’s never too much to do, just not enough time to do it all in).

First came the national holiday. Then came the crazy consumer courtship. And now, we’ve finally reached relationship speeds upwards of Mach 69, aka, the Speed of Niiiiice.

Seriously, Valentine’s Day can seem like a pointless chore, nothing more than another reason to have to buy something for that special or even not-so-special someone in your life. But this year, maybe don’t take it so seriously. Let yourself just enjoy a day dedicated to love, without any of the extras.

And if you’ve got love, share it. If you don’t … find it. And if you can’t, don’t fret.

This City’s got enough love to go around. Well, at least for the rest of today.

Valentine’s Day in the City of Brotherly Love | Feb. 14. All Day. Free. LOVE Park, North 15th & Arch Sts.



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