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Learn how to serve up a delicious meal and yummy cocktail at this the two-day Philly Chef Conference, hosted by Drexel’s Center for Food and Hospitality Management. | Image: Philly Chef Conference

Usually, we try to keep The Scene to a single event on a single day.

But considering the explosion of incendiary culinary creations popping up left and right around the greater Philadelphia area these last few years, we figured we’d make an exception for 2019’s Philly Chef Conference.

That’s right, kids. It’s a gratin’, grindin’, searin’, soakin’ n’ slicin’ good time, and just about everyone’s invited (full disclosure though, Day 2 is mostly meant for the slicers and searers, aka the industry folk who make sure you head home every Saturday night in a food-drunk haze, full up on delectable bites and herb-infused cocktails).

Hosted by Drexel’s Center for Food and Hospitality Management, this two-day event - with an extra special one-off book n’ cold brew event on Friday night with Chef Edward Lee - will wow you, how (to) you, will even wine, dine and swine you (where chefs gather, there’s bound to be plenty of pork).

You’ll head home from this event just as full up as you would be on any normal summer Saturday night, but it won’t just be your belly that’s near to bursting; it’ll be your brine-soaked brain, crammed full with knowledge, news, information about the latest and greatest culinary tips and tricks, all the tools (literal and figurative) you’ll need to take your own culinary creations to newer, higher, even more explosive heights.

Philly Chef Conference | March 10 & 11. 1130am. Prices vary. Academic Building, 101 N. 33rd St.



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