Franklin Square

Take a turn around the carousel or play around of putt-putt, because Franklin Square is open for business. | Image courtesy: Historic Philadelphia

Spring’s bout to be sprung.

And yes, we mean that in every sense of the word; the not-quite-metaphorical notion that Spring semi-literally sprang to life, but also the Sir Mix-a-lot sense, which is so often tied to posterior infatuation (It’s science, look it up).

There may be no better place to celebrate the official arrival of Spring (assuming it’s not randomly below freezing in March  global warming, you big liar, take your fake forest fires and make believe melting ice caps and get on out of here!) than Franklin Square Park.

Named after our very own Ben Franklin and accounted for as one of William Penn’s five original public squares, Franklin Square’s set to kick off a 2019 season that we just know is bound to be historically awesome (See what we did there?).

Philly Mini Golf. The Philadelphia Parx Liberty Carousel. A Once Upon a Nation storytelling bench, delicious treats at SquareBurger and, of course, the Franklin Square Fountain; with all that awesomeness, there’s really not much else for us to say.

Except, of course, for this (Though we prefer you imagine us rapping it.)...

We like big parks and we cannot lie/You other Philadelphians can’t deny/When Spring shows out and the carousel spins round, you get sprung, wanna get in on the fun/Noticed that park got green/Deep in the heart of Philly, you’re hooked and you can’t stop smilin’, oh may-be we’ll even come with ya, even take your picture/Our homegirls tried to warn us, but that awesomeness they’ve got makes Franklin Square so gorgeous.

You’re welcome.

Franklin Square Spring Opening | March 1. 8am. Prices vary. Franklin Square, 6th & Race Sts.



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