After eight years and countless characters on Saturday Night Live, Bill Hader has moved to Los Angeles. His first onscreen post-SNL project is a supporting role in The To Do List, a (literal) coming-of-age story written and directed by his wife, Maggie Carey. The bawdy semi-autobiographical tale stars Aubrey Plaza as an uptight teenage overachiever trying desperately to lose her virginity before college. Hader spoke to PW by phone last week about a variety of awkward moments.

PW: Was it strange filming a movie about your wifes past sexual exploits? I imagine that led to some interesting conversations.

BILL HADER: When Andy Samberg read the script, he said, Your wife is filthy! Then when we were shooting the scene with Andy and Aubrey in the shower, I asked Maggie if this had really happened. She said, I was 17. Action!

Theres some pretty edgy material here for a mainstream summer comedy.

Well, we shot the film for $1 million. I told that to friend at a studio who said he cant even rent a camera for $1 million.

Is it a coincidence that as soon as you leave SNL, Eliot Spitzer is back in the news? Was he waiting until you couldnt impersonate him anymore?

I just did The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Spitzer was on the show. I was very nervous. Just for the record, he was very nice. But I was incredibly uncomfortable.

My original plan was to ask if youd do this entire interview in your Alan Alda voice.

Thats funny. I just did Alan Alda on Leno, and I think I butchered it. I didnt practice before I went on and was rusty. Thats the thing: People think you can pop right into these things, but I have to do it for a while before I go out.

I heard you once wrote a sketch in which Alda was roommates with a horse.

Yes! My Roommatess a Fucking Horse! It was supposed to be like Shit My Dad Says. I was Alan Alda, and Fred Armisen played Tony Danza. Whenever hed walk in a room, hed say Hey, Angela! But there was nobody named Angela. He just said it before every sentence. It made us laugh incredibly hard, and nobody else found it funny. They were probably right. Wait, howd you hear about that?


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