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Graffiti artist Christian "TameArts" Rodriguez and the crew at Sunflower Philly cordially invite you to dive into all things Latino culture – for a great cause, courtesy of this event, which proceeds benefit those still struggling from the effects of Hurricane Maria. | Image: Kerith Gabriel 

Too often, we look at a catastrophic event, feel bad about it, place the people affected in our “thoughts and prayers” and keep it moving. 

This is not the case for the collective at Sunflower Philly. 

This weekend, enjoy a taste of Puerto Rico through music, food, art and more during an event called “The Giveback: Puerto Rico,” a festival that also acts as a fundraiser to benefit those still ravaged by the effects of Hurricane Maria. This is more than just shooting jump shots with paper towels, like some guys do. This will be a day of delicious food trucks, Latin-inspired live music from DJs and great art — all for a worthy cause. 

Fueled by graffiti artist and community leader Christian “TameArtz” Rodriguez, there are scheduled to be graffiti art installations by artists from across the country. Come by day for the food, stay for Latin Night, a celebration featuring a night of salsa dancing. For you deep thinkers, there will be poetry readings. 

WHAT: The Giveback: Puerto Rico  WHEN: Saturday, Sept. 28, 11 a.m.-10 p.m. COST: Pay what you wish. WHERE: Sunflower Philly, 725 N. 5th St. MORE:


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