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For those of you looking for the best way to celebrate 420, consider the following events. | Image courtesy: Get Budding

One Art Annual 4/20 Party

It’s like Coachella for Philly stoners. Light up your holiday at this outdoor festival full of munchies, musicians and live art. This party has no end time, simply because it’s always 4:20 somewhere. | 4:20 pm. $10. One Art Community Center, 1431 N. 52nd St. oneartcommunitycenter.com

420 Rasta Party

You had us at “twerk contest.” Come with your munchies in full effect because free Jamaican food will be served for most of the night. Get your twerk and your jerk on where it’s all about that green. The best booty bouncer gets a cash prize, but don’t fear if you have no junk in your trunk—you can still take your chances to score in raffles all night. | 5 pm. $15. Marv Love’s Too, 2762 N. 2nd St. eventbrite.com

Four Twenty Fest

All the bands playing this tight bill will be passing the stage to one another all night. This happens to be one of the last events listed at The Troc before it officially closes. Don’t miss your last chance to hotbox this historic theater as an array of musical talent gives you a full experience.  | 5pm. $10. The Trocadero, 1003 Arch St. facebook.com

House 420

“No pretenses. No inhibitions. JUST HOUSE.” You surely won’t have to hold anything back at this house music party hosted by Phreak N' Queer Arts & Music Festival. This is an open space for anyone to escape expectations and just be whatever the hell they desire for a night. Sounds like an event you’ll wanna roll up to. | 10 pm. Prices vary. The Sankofa House, 906 S. 49th St. facebook.com

Day Dreamers Earth Day Celebration

Celebrate new beginnings with plenty of live reggae performances and an “intentional seed planting.” Honestly, we’re not sure what that means, but it sounds like you’ll intentionally be planting some herbs that’ll later reap rewards. This sounds like an event that’s for spiritual people tuned into a higher frequency—or stoners just looking to get high. | 4:20 pm. Free. 3500 Lancaster Ave. eventbrite.com

The 4/20 Boogie Down: An Afrodisiac Holiday

We don’t really have much info on this, but what we do know is that there will be live music (presumably some funky stuff), vendors and food. What more could you ask for than to get down while you get high? Come celebrate an awesome culture while surrounding yourself in groovy tunes and positive vibes.| 10 pm. $5. Artwear Auction, 2301 N. 9th St. eventbrite.com

4/20 Party

Self-explanatory. Oh, I’m sorry, were you expecting more info? Well, there will be performances from the bands “Heavy Coughin’” and “Dutchguts,” among several others. So, yeah, we’d say that this seems like a proper 4/20 bash. | 8 pm. $5. Century, 1350 S. 29th St. facebook.com

Anime Dessert Club: The Hidden River Show

Calling all weebs that are into weed! Shred some gnar at the skatepark and spark some new interest in up-and-coming bands that will be rocking the stage. This is your chance to talk about manga and marijuana in one sweet location. | 8 pm. Free. Grays Ferry Crescent Trail Park, 1300 Schuylkill Ave. eventbrite.com

Reggae Night

There’s no theme more typical for a 4/20 show. Just a good night for some, ya know… reggae music. Ear Me Now, Big Minds and Jah People are set to perform. Don’t jah worry, man—we promise this is worth your time. | 9 pm. Free. Field House, 1150 Filbert St. eventbrite.com

High Tide

The tide is high… and so am I. Drink? Smoke? Both? Neither? Good news—this one’s perfect for you.  Live podcast “Under the Influence” will be broadcast, so be sure to puff out some 4/20 questions. You can’t really Google every weed question you have without being put on a government watchlist. Ask questions away from the NSA at this hazy event. | 8 pm. $10-$25. 5213 Grays Ave. facebook.com

Your house, your couch

Listen, we’re not dumb. We’re well aware that we can suggest all of these events knowing full well you may just decide to light up the pen, roll a blunt or take a few bong rips to some stoner Netflix movie surrounded by a bag of Herr’s Sour Cream and Onion Chips and all the Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews you can eat. Do you, boo-boo. | 4:20pm. Free. Your living room [insert address here].



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