By Cary Carr
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Whether it’s gambling away your paycheck as soon as you get it or asking out a hot stranger, we’re all susceptible to our impulses—for better or for worse. Tongue & Groove Spontaneous Theater Company has decided to take all of those little impulses and utilize them in their upcoming show simply called “Impulse.” Part of the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts, the show draws on audience experience by asking them to anonymously share stories about a time when they were impulsive, using their stories as inspiration for a collection of scenes and monologues. Complimented with live, improvised music, the show aims to evoke laughter as well as touch audiences. Each show will be a little bit different as Tongue & Groove asks audiences to title a work of art that depicts a transitional moment in their life and then uses these titles to create “living paintings” unique to each crowd. The show obeys the PIFA theme of creativity and inspiration, distinctively found in turn-of-the-century Paris where artists impulsively left their countries to find fame and success in the culturally rich city. So be a little spontaneous and check out at least one of Tongue & Groove’s three shows. It can’t be any worse than the time you recklessly—and regrettably—decided to jump off your roof into your neighbor’s pool.
Fri/15, Fri/23, Sat/23. $10. The Kimmel Center, 260 S. Broad St. 215.546.PIFA.

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