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School's pout: The Ramones star in Roger Corman's punktastic Rock 'n' Roll High.


Teen Rebellion Triple Feature

Sat., Sept. 22, 8pm. $12. International House, 3701 Chestnut St. 215.387.5125. www.ihousephilly.org

Satan's Cheerleaders is your basic teenage-girls-in-short-skirts-kidnapped-and-prepped-for-human-sacrifice-by-a-satanic-janitor movie. Or is it? Could one of those firm-thighed, blue-eyed, pretty and oh-so-innocent cheerleaders actually be a witch? OMG! The only way to find out is to go to Exhumed Films' Teen Rebellion Triple Feature. The three films on Saturday night's bill come from the golden age of the lo2no-budget teensploitation genre. In Roger Corman's Rock 'n' Roll High School, a Ramones-obsessed high school student enlists her fave moronic pop-punk combo in her righteous fight against the evil principal, who's hell bent on ridding the world of rock 'n' roll. Finally, Joy Sticks takes the viewer back to the '80s arcade, where the employees and patrons fight back against the owners who want to rid the town of video games. There'll be plenty of laughs (intended and unintended), bizarre plot twists, cheesy dialogue, great music, gratuitous nudity and adults getting their comeuppance. (Jack Schonewolf)

See Repetory Film for more.


Cinematic: Classic Film Music Remixed Record Release Party

Mon., Sept. 24, 10pm. Free. Silk City, 435 Spring Garden St. 215.592.8838. www.sixdegreesrecords.blogspot.com

One hell of a badass car chase unfolds in King Britt's bravura remix of Quincy Jones' score for They Call Me Mister Tibbs. Tires squeal, sirens erupt and a gunshot feels immediate and menacing. And that's just the instrumental remix. There's an even punchier version featuring Philly-based rapper Mr. Lif. These new spins on the classic will likely be recreated as King Britt's weekly Back2Basics night celebrates the release of Cinematic, a collection of re-imagined film scores. It's an ambitious project, spanning music from such disparate fare as Some Like It Hot, Carrie, Birdman of Alcatraz, Ben Hur, and Inherit the Wind. Highlights include the Real Tuesday Weld's brassy take on Paris Blues and Mark de Clive Lowe's slick stab at Hour of the Gun (featuring Ohio rapper Replife). Speaking of westerns, wait until you hear Ennio Morricone's iconic A Few Dollars More score transformed. Better yet, don't wait; experience it first-hand at this sure-to-be-packed blowout, an ideal introduction to the dizzying bedlam King Britt brings every Monday night. (Doug Wallen)


Palm pilot: Events range from breakdancing battles to graffiti writing and slam poetry.

Flava Fest

Thurs., Sept. 20-Sat., Sept. 22, various times and locations. Slam poetry competition, custom sneaker show and graffiti gallery: Thurs., Sept. 20, 6pm. $5. Sneaker Villa, 1231 N. Broad St. 215.965.9478. www.myspace.com/flavafest

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