PW’s 2012 Giving Guide:
 Shop Local With These 15 Great Gift Ideas

By PW Staff
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Trash Bag Clutch

What it is: Purses made of 100 percent post-consumer snack-chip bags repurposed and woven into vibrantly colored clutches by a cooperative of artisan-mothers in the remote mountains of Rio Negro and Matazano. Also, a large part of the cash you shell out will end up in the pocket of the woman who actually wove the bag in the remote mountains of Honduras, so all’s right with the world.

Who it’s for: Anyone who doesn’t mind being showered with compliments and answering the question: “Where’d you get that adorable clutch-bag thing? Followed by “Oooh, what’s it made out of?”—every single time you leave your house.

Where to get it: Lost and Found, a treasure hidden in the gallery section of Old City. 
133 N. Third St. 215.928.1311. (Jessica Foley)

Sage and Snap

What it is: Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction has carved out a unique niche in the Philly booze world, crafting seriously head-whipping spirits inspired by brews and ingredients that were popular in American colonial days. “Snap,” a ginger-cookie spirit that mixes well with lemon, apple and honey flavors, is Art in the Age’s most overtly holiday-appropriate concoction, but their latest is “Sage,” a savory blend of thyme, rosemary and fennel notes that impresses with both subtlety and power.

Who it’s for: Anyone over 21 who has a taste for exceptional liquor.

Where to get it: Pennsylvania state Wine & Spirit stores. Art in the Age has a locator for specific locations:
spirit-locator (Stephen H. Segal)

Sumptuous Scarves

What it is: OK, yes, they’re scarves—but 
ultra-unique scarves, ones you will not find on anyone else’s neck. Each of them is designed by Alexander Stadler based on his drawings, with inspiration coming from pieces straight out of his personal textile archive. It’s safe to say that these have way more personality than that J. Crew jawn you were eying up. Plus, you get to support local artistry—a win-win for everyone!

Who it’s for: Stylish Philadelphians getting ready for a real winter.

Where to get it: stadler-Kahn, 1724 Sansom St. 267.242.7154. (Anthony Trivelli)

Authentic Memorabilia Cufflinks 

What it is: A unique cufflinks collection made from various pieces of real memorabilia. Each pair is different, speaking to different kinds of guys and fitting a wide array of personalities. Some examples: Phillies game balls, Flyers game pucks, SEPTA subway tokens, flooring from the original Spectrum, buffalo nickels and New York Times crossword puzzles.

Who it’s for: Men looking to put a little more flair into their lives or who simply want to jazz up an old suit. 

Where to get it: TownHome Jewelry & Boutique, 1616 Walnut St. 215.972.5100. (A.T.)

Springboard Media Gift Card

What it is: We admit gift cards are usually sort of whack, implying a certain lack of effort on the giver’s part, but in this case? Think godsend. Springboard is Philly’s answer to any Apple-related computer problem that won’t cost several body parts to fix—unlike the giant Apple Store—specializing in data recovery/transfers, RAM/hard drive upgrades, service loaners, pre-owned machines and just about everything in between. Pesky appointments aren’t a problem here, either, so your issue-addled friend can just walk in, and they’ll be good to go.

Who it’s for: Anyone who is simultaneously on a budget and experiencing problems with their Mac, two traits that can now harmoniously co-exist.

Where to get it: Springboard Media, 2206 Walnut St.; 116 S. 13th St.; 290 Main St., Exton. (A.T.)

Boho Accessories and Decor

What it is: Hand-crafted, bohemian-style necklaces complete with dangling stones and antler tips that won’t hinder your mortgage payments. Have you sworn off giving jewelry as gifts? Get the mossy terrariums a la Jurassic Park in a vase that are often drooled over on Pinterest.

Who it’s for: The up-and-coming college grad who could use a little decoration—home or personal—that isn’t from the clearance isle at Target.

Where to get it: Moon and Arrow, 
754 S. Fourth St. 215.469.1448. (Jenine Pilla)

Monkeyfarts! Wacky Jokes Every Kid Should Know

By David Borgenicht (Quirk Books)

What it is: A good old-fashioned hardback book of jokes that no one has to swipe to unlock. It will send your kid on the road to being the next George Carlin—or Dane Cook, depending.

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1. Theresa said... on Dec 5, 2012 at 12:17PM

“Where is the cute Phanatic Tee from?? (Story image)”

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2. Stephen Segal said... on Dec 5, 2012 at 04:09PM

“Theresa, the Phanatic T-shirt is by Paul Carpenter, sold at Nice Things Handmade — it's mentioned in the "Scrabble-esque Drink Coasters" writeup.”

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3. Kate said... on Dec 6, 2012 at 05:51PM

“Check out his website and store, awesome Philly stuff -”

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4. dyanjsouza said... on Nov 4, 2014 at 11:00PM

“Christmas is always fun day and a warm, family reunion. but will be happier, more meaningful when you have unexpected gift but meaningful to give to those you love”


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