15 Minutes With Lizz Winstead, Political Comedian Extraordinaire

By Tara Murtha
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LW: The first time I publicly shared the story was during a one-woman show I was doing in Sommerville, Mass., back in 1996 I think. Now it’s an essay in this book I have coming out in June. For me, the importance of this story is that it’s not extraordinary. It’s real. I am one of many, many young girls who through the course of their coming of age was very conflicted at 16 about being a sexual being … and what happens when you have to hide your behavior and don’t get information and become a sexual being.

PW: Did it feel really transgressive to say out loud? Did you agonize about it? I mean, it’s really transgressive still now.

LW: It’s really transgressive now. Where I’ve come to is: The right hates me anyway, because of the whole myriad of beliefs I have. So having my story and telling it, isn’t really about people are going to react negatively, because they’re going to. It’s about …  how people react when you do tell the story … I’ve had hundreds of women say, ‘I’m going to start telling my story.’ And if enough women tell that story, whatever that story is, about Planned Parenthood in general then you can’t deny the numbers.

My goal is to have women not have to have shame about their sexual health and have Planned Parenthood which provides services be like Lens Crafters, why can’t it be? Why can’t it be in malls? … That would be a dream. So if more people talk about it, and there’s more faces and names to it, maybe down the line that can be something that happens.

PW: I have to ask you about this: with everything going on with women’s reproductive rights, I’m curious how you feel about this whole “End of Men” pop culture thing going on. The essay, and then the book coming out, and there’s a really wide cognitive dissonance between that and reality … It’s not the end of men. Men are making laws stripping women of reproductive rights. 

Again it goes back to who’s controlling the narrative, and the men still are. The fact that there’s a book called End of Men that people will buy and buy into that theory, the theory is bullshit. The end of men? Where are they ending? I think it’s bullshit, quite frankly. Especially when you look at the women being promoted in the Republican agenda. I’m sorry, it’s not brilliant scholars they’re putting up. I think they’re trying to demonize women by having a large group of women who seem unqualified to lead, to take the forefront for a while so they can say, “Look what happens when women get into power.”

PW: Yeah, like a minstrel show.

LW: A menstrual show, if you will. 

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1. Allah said... on Jul 22, 2011 at 01:41PM

“i crap on you!!!”

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2. Roz said... on Jul 27, 2011 at 05:50PM

“There was no anger or hatred in Pontiac, MI, on part of the protestors. I was there! There was no funeral dirge music or nastiness on their part. But can such be said of Lizz? People I know who went to the show said it was a waste of money! How many mammograms does Planned Parenthood do, btw?”

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3. Karen said... on Jul 27, 2011 at 08:04PM

“I was at one of her shows. No surprise, walked in Planned Parenthood had tables with a HUGE pile of pink condoms. Humm! The worst form of contraception that their is and one wonders does PP actively try to have women get pregnant to then abort. Then as I sat down they handed out free shots of some new liquor. Getting you drunk use condoms etc. . Believe me a few women in front of me had a few too many shots before the show even started. Then Lizz comes up. Wow! She is a very hurting vile post abortive women. I had Breast Cancer and I was so angry when I saw that PP would feel comfortable taking the Pink color theme of Komen for Breast Cancer but then again PP is one of the biggest donors to Komen. THEY DO WORK HAND IN GLOVE. The "F" word was in every sentence, amongst others. She (thinking she was funny, the mom and 2 daughters in front of me NEVER laughed) got on stage. Mocking her mom?? This was the worst. 2 Abortions and she laughs about it.Much hurt on that stage!”

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4. Sally said... on Jul 27, 2011 at 08:28PM

“Needless to say Lizz didn't see or hear the kids and the Brother outside the Pontiac Night Club that day and night Praying on their Knees in 100 degree heat and singing religious songs and rosaries to protect the babies that Lizz Winstead chose to kill. She had 2 abortions. With her comments it only shows how LIZZ HAD NO CLUE what was taking place with this kids . Needless to say she never witnesses sadness that happens around the country at Abortion Mills with prayers and people sacrificing their time on 105 degree and 20 below zero days.The kids were dancing because they love life and the Pro Aborts looked like the sad ones because of their support of killing little tiny babies in the womb that have zero protection. Watch an utra soundl and then let me know if you agree with chasing that baby around with a suction instrument to kill it. She is hurting and the guilt comes out in her so called humor. There is help for post abortive women. Silent No More, Operation Rescue Liz”


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