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By Brian Hickey
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PK: I think he’s been fairly quiet and mild this year. To me, he’s past his prime, but might be able to put some good games together.

 PW: Any picks for the Super Bowl this year?

PK: Minnesota or New Orleans in the NFC. Pittsburgh or New England in the AFC.

 PW: Will Andy Reid win a Super Bowl? Will Donovan McNabb win a Super Bowl? And, if so, will they win it together?

PK: I look at it and say, how many football teams can look at themselves and say if we play well, and things go right, we can win the Super Bowl each season. Well, that’s been the case for nine, 10 years under Reid.

Now, there have been some colossal disappointments, they’ve lost big playoff games during that time. But, you can count on one-hand teams that have been able to say they have a chance every year.

Over the next two-three years? I have a gut feeling the answer is no. Andy is a fervent supporter of McNabb, but a dispassionate architect of football teams.

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