Artist Up Close: Ben Peterson

By Katherine Rochester
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I understand that that’s how the vast majority go into programs, but I can’t even understand why anyone goes even remotely quickly from undergrad to graduate experience. For me, I can’t see how your graduate degree could be much more than a piece of paper at that point. How would you know anything outside the world of school? It’s really interesting because some of the students I’m going to school with, they are those people who have gone directly from undergrad to grad. This is going to be really interesting because we’re going to have very different experiences and different takes on different things. But as a recommendation, I would say spend long enough outside of school to figure out what life is like outside of school. In art circles right now, there’s an aesthetization and fetishization of pedagogy and teaching and learning and those structures. And while I think that’s interesting, I also think its suspect.

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1. Modern Art District said... on Sep 5, 2012 at 04:43PM

“No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist. You are welcome to like "Modern Art District" on Facebook.

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Modern Art District
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Jacqueline Correa
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2. pete said... on Sep 5, 2012 at 05:55PM

“Hey! both artists are wearing the same outfit, shoes
and all?”


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