On the Idiot Box: "The Michael J. Fox Show," "Eastbound & Down" and "Masters of Sex"

By Craig D. Lindsey
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Michael J. Fox (right) and Jake Gore in a scene from "The Michael J. Fox Show."

The Michael J. Fox Show
Thursdays, 9:30pm, NBC (premieres this week at 9pm)
Captive audience: Michael J. Fox fans, who I’m sure is everyone on planet Earth at this point.
Moment of truth: Seriously, who doesn’t love Michael J. Fox? Well, his new sitcom certainly may test how much you can take of the dude and his silly-ass antics. He plays a respected, New York newsman/family man who doesn’t let suffering from Parkinson’s disease mess up his daily routine. While Fox is cool, and he and on-screen wife Betsy Brandt (Marie from Breaking Bad!) do make a cute couple, you’d think Fox’s big return to TV would boast smarter, funnier writing. While viewers will most likely be rooting for Fox and his show to succeed, I’m just rooting for the man to get some better scribes.
Emmy or phlegmmy: Phl-emmy.

Eastbound & Down
Sundays, 10pm, HBO
Captive audience: Good ol’ boys who need a good laugh; those six people who saw The Foot Fist Way; people who love watching Danny McBride be a douche.
Moment of truth: McBride’s mulleted asshole Kenny Powers returns for a fourth and final season of him hilariously trying (and often failing) to be the superstar he thinks he is. The season starts off with our hero in an American Beauty-style rut, stuck in suburban, middle-aged hell with a wife and kids, a job he hates and a desire to be awesome. It doesn’t take long for Powers’ fuck-you smirk and penchant for profane hyperbole to come back into play. Watching McBride’s sidesplitting knack for acting vulgar and victorious made me realize how much I’m gonna miss him when he’s gone.
Emmy or phlegmmy: Emmy.

Masters of Sex
Sundays, 10pm, Showtime
Captive audience: All the sexy people; those six people who saw Kinsey; guys who can wait for a show to get good—as long as it gives them titties to look at.
Moment of truth: Showtime goes all the way back to the ‘50s for its latest show to include wall-to-wall nudity and rampant boning. This drama chronicles the early days of trailblazing sex researchers Masters and Johnson (Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan). After watching the first six episodes, what’s most offensive is how it takes four eps for this show to quit with the weak, laughable writing and obligatory T&A and actually resemble something, well, dramatic. For a show that’s all about the smart side of sex, it takes a long time for it to start thinking with its brain and not with its bathing-suit area.
Emmy or phlegmmy:

The Michael J. Fox Show

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