Found Comedy: Guilty Pleasures

By Cary Carr
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You know that time you found that slightly humiliating email your cousin sent to his girlfriend? Or how about the obscenely corny poetry your best friend keeps hidden in her dresser? Well, Brendan Kennedy, host of the Philly Improv Theater’s “Guilty Pleasures,” would love to get his hands on those pieces of terribly written work to share with his audience. Kennedy and co-host Roger Snair, team up with a cast of local comedians, combining sarcasm and seriousness into their awkwardly funny presentations of literary garbage. And while we all might feel a little guilty for laughing at the poor soul who poured his heart into a script that tried to turn “The Matrix” into pro-Christian propaganda, he sort of had it coming for him. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy laughing at the expense of others? It’s what we do in private, so why not share the experience with our fellow heartless friends? Add a case of cheap beer in the BYOB theater and by the end of the night, you won’t even care that you just laughed out loud at some wannabe director’s script about zombies using their cell-phones to tempt their victims into a cemetery.

Weds., Mar. 2. 9:30pm. $10. The Shubin Theatre, 407 Bainbridge St. 267.233.1556.

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