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By PW Staff
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World's Oldest Pastime Gains Popularity in Philly: Considering that storytelling has been around as long as humans, it seems silly to call it a “trend.” But that’s really the only way to describe the slew of storytelling/live-reading events that have popped up around the city within past five years or so.

Spoken Word

Events: Poerty, StorySlams & more.


Author Sarah Rose Etter Keeps It Surreal: The author of Tongue Party won the presitigious Caketrain Chapbook Competition in May.

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Sonic Arts Union Retrospective Takes a Look Back at Electronic Music
By Elliot Sharp

In the 1960s, a group of electronic music pioneers began playfully, but rigorously, twisting knobs on homemade gadgets and realized they could create unknown, and often bizarre, sounds. The work that was created is now being shown as part of a live music and multimedia retrospective that runs from October to May at International House.

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Fall Spoken-Word Events
By PW Staff

Open-mic nights, poetry, StorySlams & more.

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Storytelling—the World's Oldest Pastime—Gains Popularity in Philly
By Nicole Finkbiner

The crowd that gathered in the upstairs bar at The Dive last Tuesday night was there for more than cheap beer, cold pizza and pleasant conversation—they were there to hear a story.

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Fall Dance Events Not to Miss
By Tamara DeMent

Russian dance, Philadanco! and more.

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The Little Films That Could
By Matt Prigge

Who knew there was genuine talent in the Olsen family? While Mary-Kate and Ashley may have never broken cinematic ground, their younger sis Elizabeth is a serious thespian whose work as a former cult member reunited with her family has already been showered with accolades.

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A Look at the Season's Can't-Miss Flicks
By Sean Burns

What I look forward to most about the fall season is that by and large the movies tend to get better. Freed from the tyranny of mega-budget summer blockbusters while gearing up for the end-of-the year awards bait, sometimes a critic can go two or even three weeks without seeing a single remake or sequel.

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Young Artists Shift Focus to Philly's Diverse Neighborhoods
By Darren White

It’s often difficult to see the intersection of art and public engagement in the country’s major art centers because in these places, art has an undeniable commercial link that disconnects it from the common man. But this fall, Philadelphia’s galleries and museums are looking in their own backyards to find artists who are working against this notion, producing work about their diverse communities and engage the people within them.

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University Gallery Curators Thinking Outside the Box
By Katherine Rochester

Alex Klein (Institute of Contemporary Art at Penn) and Rob Blackson (Temple Gallery at Temple) have each thrown a wrench into the traditional, top-down model of exhibition-making, in which curators place art in a room and everyone else scrambles to make sense of it. Shifting their focus from the gallery to the community, Klein and Blackson are on the crest of a new kind of exhibition-making that values frank discussion over quiet contemplation.

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Phantasmagoria Revives Classic Circus Sideshow in Northern Liberties
By Jessica Herring

Scraps of fabric billow in the air as strings of sparkling white lights cast shadows over the audience, creating a blithe, mystical ambience. The ringleader abruptly ends this whimsical facade as he bellows into the microphone: “Don’t perform these stunts, you’ll fuck yourself up,” Alejandro DuBois says. “And please make a mother fucking donation to our mother fucking crew.”

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Can't-Miss Music Events
By PW Staff

James Blake, Dick Dale, Battles & more.

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Funny Business: The Best of Comedy This Fall
By Nicole Finkbiner

For three straight glorious weeks, some of the funniest local and national acts will be right here in our city, hamming it up nightly. It all kicks off with the Philly Improv Festival.

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The Best of Fall Art
By Roberta Fallon

This season, Philly’s galleries, museums and other venues all across town want you to do more than just look. They want you to hang out, eat, discuss, make, share and generally become an active participant in whatever they’re doing.

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The Best of Fall Theater
By J. Cooper Robb

The upcoming theater season is bigger and more diverse than ever. What follows is our attempt to compile some of the most interesting productions happening on Philly’s many stages.

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Author Sarah Rose Etter Keeps It Surreal
By Tara Murtha

Sarah Rose Etter doesn’t make readers kneel down and squint through a keyhole into characters’ private lives. Instead, the 28-year-old crafts sharply drawn prose that amputates the every day ache out of the human heart and then transplants that ache into characters dropped into surreal situations that, like deep-sleep dreams, make sense despite all the weird.