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Wednesday, Oct. 13

Things to Come
Thanks to the magic of the public domain, the 1936 futuristic saga Things to Come has long been widely available to the general public. The only problem: it’s been widely available in the cheap, splotchy, unreliable form that typifys public domain copies. No more: Secret Cinema continues its yearlong survey of sci-fi of the past—the best kind of sci-fi—with a rare, sparkling-clean film print of this landmark from the great production designer William Cameron Menzies, who was later given “the final word” on everything related to the production of Gone With the Wind. Adapted from two H.G. Wells works under the author’s nosey supervision, Things offers a delightfully inaccurate prediction of the sleekly technological 20th and 21st centuries. It’s a plodding affair, but the draw has always been the eye-popping, immersive Art Deco sets, which rightfully grace pretty much every book on film history. And best of all, now you can see actually see them. -Matt Prigge

6:30pm. Free. Chemical Heritage Foundation, 315 Chestnut St. 215.925.2222. 

Thursday, Oct. 14

Mike Birbiglia
Mike Birbiglia has a problem with sleepwalking. We’re not talking sometimes waking up his roommates; we’re talking about through a hotel window, scaling a bookcase and waking up on the broken shards of his girlfriend’s Tivo sleepwalking. Luckily for him, he’s a comedian, so he actually gets paid to talk about all of his cripplingly awkward antics. Birbiglia is currently touring to promote his new book, Sleepwalk With Me & Other Painfully True Stories, a tome full of such dream-disasters and more. It’s based on his one-man, off-Broadway show of the same name, making this a tour based on a book based on a one-man show, if that’s not too confusing. He’s been a mainstream Comedy Central darling and a regular contributor to This American Life, and now he’s bringing all of his medical and emotional baggage to a theater near you. -Emily Crawford

8pm. $29-$55. Keswick Theatre, 291 N. Keswick Ave., Glenside. 215.572.7650.

Ghostface Killah
The fact that Ghostface Killah has one of the most successful and prolific solo careers of all the Wu-Tang alums should be reason enough to make seeing his notoriously energetic live show a priority. That and the fact that the man could record himself snoring set to an RZA-produced beat and still have critics peeing their pants like they did over the Iron Man and Fishscale albums. However, his stage banter alone is probably reason enough to see Tony Stark perform. A prime example: the time he congratulated a New York City audience for being the “... lucky motherfuckas, who out of millions of sperm made it to that one egg.” -Maggie Serota

8pm. $21. With Sheek Louch + Frank Dukes. Trocadero, 1003 Arch St. 215.922.6888.

Friday, Oct. 15

Light Drift
As part of DesignPhiladelphia, Mural Arts hosts its first public art installation, Meejin Yoon’s Light Drift. Yoon, a professor of architecture at MIT, transforms the evening waters of the Schuylkill into an ethereal, interactive dreamscape. From dusk until dawn, 90 luminescent orbs can be seen floating in the river between Market and Chestnut, with landbound spheres along the banks that passers-by can interact with. Designed to be responsive and adaptive, not only do the globes change color when touched, but they animate when they sense movement. Radio communication between the banked spheres and the floating ones allow you to dance with the robots and orchestrate your own light show out in the water, like a moment borrowed from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The engagement glows through Oct. 17. -Micaela Hester

6:30pm.  Free. Schuylkill River between Market and Chestnut sts. 215.685.0750.

Blonde Redhead
Blonde Redhead began in a maelstrom of guitar feedback, its mid-1990s mix of dreamy vocal delicacy and amp-exploded assault earning comparisons to Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine. The band’s latest album, Penny Sparkle, veers downtempo, substituting synths for guitars and drifting toward trip-hop. It’s a soothing, serene aesthetic, beautiful in its way, but not to everyone’s taste. Pitchfork, for instance, called the new one “profoundly boring” and “an early Christmas gift” for Banana Republic’s music coordinators. Nod off during the live show, however, and you’re likely to get a jolt as the band dips into louder material from 23 and before. -Jennifer Kelly

8:30pm. $20. With Pantha Du Prince. Electric Factory. 421 N. Seventh St. 215.627.1332.

Allison Polans
Local musician Allison Polans was 20 weeks deep into fulfilling the insane personal homework assignment of writing, recording and uploading a song every week for a year when she went on an abrupt and unexpected hiatus. But now she’s back and her voice—devastating with its deep, aching, quivering arcs—is unscathed. Catch Polans in a coffee shop setting reunited with touring bud Psalmships (AKA Joshua Britton) hopefully playing tracks from the cinematic, David-Lynch-meets-folk instrumental Black Forest Withers EP (out next month). Polans often plays out with one of her many collaborations—her own band papertrees, Wes Mattheu & the New Way Down and the Whippoorwills—and it’ll be nice to catch her relatively unadorned. -Tara Murtha

7pm. With Psalmships, the Bones of J.R. Jones + Small Houses. Green Line Cafe, 4239 Baltimore Ave. 215.222.3431.

Saturday, Oct. 16

Kuf Knotz CD Release Show
After a rising career that includes stints with Subtle Ground, Burndown All-Stars, the Hustle and lending his skills to almost every Philly artist from Ursula Rucker to Lizanne Knott, Kuf Knotz finally kicks it solo with BoomBox Logic (Mad Dragon Records). While the party is at Kuf’s house, he’s invited guests like Digable Planets’ Doodlebug, and locals like Chuck Treece, G-Love and Sharon Little to lend to his vision. Boombox Logic is a carousel ride of styles: big, swirly doo-wop harmonies, guitar solos, obese beats and electronic shimmies and bloops all hung on Kuf’s smooth, smart rhymes. The CD release show should be a blast, ’cause Kuf’s got all sorts of friends, and a slew of guests will be on hand to hype the party. T.M.

10pm. $13. With Jawnzap7, Don McCloskey + Chalk and the Beige Americans. World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St. 215.222.1400.

Home Movies
Sorry, the shenanigans of Brendan, Melissa, Jason and Coach McGuirk have not been honored with an international day of recognition. The home movies celebrated here are of the original definition, random video clips of other people’s lives—and maybe your own. Films and videos that have been in storage for years will be dusted off and given top billing as a part of a nationwide event. The purpose is not just to entertain with the plethora of experiences captured in random households, but to amplify the importance of preserving physical home recordings when digitizing seems the easiest option—videotapes may be easily misplaced, but they can be found; losing the contents of your hard drive is forever. Bring your own films, because when’s the next time you’ll be able to see Me-Maw on the big screen? And your movie might just end up in the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry alongside Citizen Kane and King Kong—it’s happened. -Ryan Smith

11am. Free. International House, 3701 Chestnut St. 215.387.5125.

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