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Wednesday, July 6

Python Fest
King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table are back for the second annual Monty Python Fest. Doylestown’s County Theater is serving up the 1975 classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail with plenty of stinky Frenchmen, the “Ni”-saying Knights, senseless songs and one backfiring Trojan Rabbit to make for some laugh-out-loud comedy. The British troupe’s cult classic comes with plenty of side dishes, too—the theater will also screen some of the Python’s various sketches and host Monty Python-themed trivia with opportunities to win prizes. Purchase the special Knight of the Round Table ticket for your very own “horse” the winning t-shirt from the theater’s design contest held in June. -Alexis Sachdev

7pm. $7.75-$15. The County Theater, 20 E. State St., Doylestown. 215.345.6789.

Thursday, July 7

Kid Cudi
All right, let’s just put it out there right now: Kid Cudi will never be taken seriously until he stops wearing skinny jeans! We don’t know about you, but the sight of skinny jeans on a black man appalls us more than baggy jeans falling off a dude’s ass. (We’ll let you off the hook this time, Drake!) Yes, this makes us seem kind of shallow, especially when you consider that Cudi is one of the few young MCs out there making fascinating, subversive musical moves and we should, you know, praise and respect him for that. The two Man on the Moon volumes he’s dropped on GOOD Music (founded by fellow hip-hop provocateur and skinny-jeans wearer Kanye West) are bold, conceptual efforts that have Cudi merging everything from hip-hop to trip-hop to psychedelic rock and collaborating with artists as diverse as Mary J. Blige and MGMT. So, while we would love to give Cudi props for his musical daring (and for allegedly hooking up with Amanda Bynes), until he takes off those tight-ass, sack-suffocating, disgustingly overpriced jeans, we just ain’t having it! -Craig D. Lindsey

7:30pm. $29.50-$44.50. With Chip tha Ripper. Mann Center for the Performing Arts, 5201 Parkside Ave. 215.546.7900.

That’s Hot!
Adam Brody, creator and co-host of “That’s Hot!,” says, “I’ve always wanted to do a show with women of different generations, backgrounds and views: a working mother; a professional in her 30s; a young woman just starting out; and then somebody who’s done almost everything and will say almost anything.” That’s actually a Barbara Walters quote describing The View, but Brody shares her sentiments entirely. In their inaugural show, the ladies of “That’s Hot” will discuss tough topics, crude gossip, share hot tips on beauty, health and wellness, and meet fascinating guests. Brody, a producer and performer who has created two Fringe Musicals (Desert of Hallways and i love you), fronted music group the Great Swamp, and came in second place for three consecutive years in the Miss West Philly Fabulous pageant, knows how to put on a show. -Emma Eisenberg

7pm.  $5-10. Green Line Cafe, 4426 Locust St. 215.222.3431.

Author and poet Sapphire’s novel Push took us deep into the dark world of Claireece “Precious” Jones, an obese, illiterate Harlem teen. Precious’ disturbing yet deeply affecting tale of hope in the face of indigence and abuse became widely known with the breakout motion picture Precious. But the story of Precious didn’t end with the rolling of the credits. Sapphire is coming to the Free Library to introduce her newest novel, The Kid, which continues the saga of Precious by chronicling the coming-of-age of her son, Abdul. The story follows Abdul, an aspiring artist, and his travails navigating through the concrete jungle of New York City. Sapphire will be available for a Q&A after the discussion and book signing. -Jessica Herring

7:30pm. Free. Parkway Central Library, 1901 Vine St. 215.567.4321.

Friday, July 8

Broetry SLAM
The typical poetry slam usually includes writers and artists spewing lines about love, politics and somber topics that make listeners want to kick cats. However, Geekadelphia and Quirk Books have teamed up to present something a little different: a broetry slam. Not your average poetry slam, this event will feature bros reading about the things that truly matter to them, like hot girls, pizza, video games and Star Wars. The idea is the same as any other poetry slam in that members of the audience will get a chance to come onstage and share their poems. A panel of experts including local comic Doogie Horner, author Brian McGackin and editor Jason Rekulak will select winners and award them with food, Xbox Live points, books and a number of other prizes. Anna Goldfarb of Shmitten Kitten will also be in attendance judging a contest of her own, Best Bro. Whoever shows up in the best bro costume will win. The bro with the best poem will be awarded the Broet Laurette of Philadelphia and will have their poem and performance posted on Geekadelphia and Show up in your best frat boy or Jersey Shore costume and plan to spend the evening listening to bros wax poetic about boobs. -Sydney Scott

Free. National Mechanics, 22 S. Third St. 215.701.4883.

Lightninging—funny sounding name and one of Philly’s best-kept secrets. Ranging from earnest to jubilant, the quintet’s sprawling guitars and rich harmonies have deservedly earned a raucous and loyal fan base. Drummer Greg Foran anchors the band, and vocals are swapped/shared by Mark Cruttenden, Greg O’Neill, Dave Pope and Matt Williams. They also swap instruments—three guitars, a bass, a trumpet and added percussion. Chances are they will begin their set with “Peggy Jean,” a crowd pleasing gem which stalks the listener during its verse, then ruptures into an anathematic, sing-a-long chorus of consecutive, repetitive “ya ya yas.” “Words over Africa” genuinely brings it home with cathartic vocals and crashing cymbals, while “Squiggles” displays pensive and wistful lyrics on top of cautious yet open melodies. This secret won’t be a secret for long. -Ben Rosenau

9pm. $10. With the New Connection + Sping Standards. North Star Bar, 2639 Poplar St. 215.787.0488.

Grab Bag: A Phreak Show
It’s fitting that this benefit for the upcoming Phreak N’ Queer festival takes place in a funky venue that’s been host to everything from minstrel shows and vaudeville to indie rock. Organizer Messapotamia Lefae envisions a groovy, libidinous energy of her own for this dance party-cum-variety show, which takes place in the Balcony. The first-time producer promises one part punk DIY and two parts full-on freak, with a sprinkling of glitter. She’s assembled a stellar lineup including cabaret singer Brendan Norton, burlesque star Miss Mary Wanna (on roller skates, no less), and innovative drag by Lance Pawling. Local icon Carlotta Tendant will be on hand to give her blessing to this new generation of feisty queer artists, and there’ll be plenty of tunes courtesy of DJs evil v and Triptonik. Throughout, performers will mix and mingle with the audience, which should be as fabulous as the beautiful creatures on stage. One final word about the ticket price: It’s not cheap; it’s a deliberate political choice. -Raymond Simon

9pm. $5. Trocadero Theatre, 1003 Arch Street. 215.922.6888.

Saturday, July 9

Ghosts Among Our Graves
Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, we’ve all seen something that just didn’t make sense at one point or another. There are plenty of ghost-hunting shows and movies dedicated to the phenomenon; there’s definitely entertainment, and a little bit of excitement, in the possibilities. Here’s your chance to be a part of that action, whether you truly believe or are a hopeless skeptic, by joining Free Spirit Paranormal Investigators as they reveal their findings of an investigation of the Lauren Hill Cemetery. The cemetery, which was founded in 1835, is a historic part of Philadelphia and holds the graves of numerous prominent people, from local leaders like Rittenhouse and Widener to national historic heroes such as Civil War-era generals and even Titanic passengers. With all these souls in one cemetery together, the members of the FSPI sought to uncover the haunted side of all this history and are sharing their revealing investigations. Explore the cemetery’s “most active sections” while learning about types of hauntings, electromagnetic fields and psychic protection, which is always a useful skill. -Kristin Toussaint

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