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Wednesday, July 18

48 Hour Film Project
Last weekend, more than 20 local filmmakers and their crews set out to create the best short film possible. The catch: They’d have to do it in just 48 hours. Upping the ante even further, each of the participating groups were randomly assigned a movie genre a few minutes before the start of the competition, as well as a character, prop and piece of dialogue that had to be included. Now, the public will have a chance to see what sort of cinematic masterpieces they were able to conceive. The films are only seven minutes long and, in previous years, the winning films have gone on to be screened at major film festivals like Cinequest and South by Southwest. -Nicole Finkbiner

7pm and 9:30pm. $10. International House, 3701 Chestnut St. 215.387.5125.

Murder By Death

Frontman Adam Turla’s cavernous basso reverberates over dark, rocking Americana given ballast by cellist Sarah Balliet. The Indiana quintet’s songwriting skills have progressed dramatically across their five full-lengths. A religious studies and English major, Turla delves into issues of good/evil, sin/redemption, vengeance and responsibility. Even beyond the colorful stories, Turla’s booming voice tops dynamic, oft-brooding arrangements that conjure a foreboding, cinematic air. Tonight they’ll be playing five rarely-heard songs off their debut LP, Like the Exorcist, But More Breakdancing, to celebrate its 10th anniversary, and will perhaps offer previews of their forthcoming sixth album. -Chris Parker

7:30pm. $15-$17. Union Transfer, 1024 Spring Garden St. 215.232.2100.

Philly Fashion Incubator
Partnering with three of our nationally recognized fashion-design schools, the year-long residency program Philly Fashion Incubator provides a group of emerging local designers with the knowledge and resources needed to build a successful brand and ultimately break into the fashion marketplace right here in Philly. Now, for the first time since PFI’s launch, the inaugural team of designers-in-residence—Melissa D’Agostino, Kaitlyn Doherty, Latifat Obajinmi, Moriamo Johnson and Autumn Kietponglert—will unveil their amazing apparel and accessories to the public. While enjoying wine, cheese and a one-night-only discount, shoppers will get to rub elbows with members of Philly’s fashion elite, including the five talented designers themselves. -N.F.

4pm. Free. Sofitel Philadelphia, 120 S. 17th St.

Thursday, July 19

Dollar Stroll
Baltimore Avenue in West Philly tends to have a sleepy vibe, with the neighborhood’s myriad bikers making way for leisurely sidewalk strollers. Denizens are known to spend hours over raw brunches at Atiya Ola’s Spirit First Foods after their reiki healing sessions at Studio 34. The raw food and the spiritual services will stay, but the mellow pace will kick it up a notch at the Dollar Stroll this evening. Expect packed sidewalks and lines as you pick up delectable tofu skewers at Vientiane café, peach cobbler at Elena’s Soul, iced coffee at the Green Line Café and beer at Queen of Sheba—all for just $1. If you’re a visitor to the West, there’s no better time to sample the neighborhood’s diverse offerings. -Allyn Gaestel

5:30pm. $1. Baltimore Ave.

Shonen Knife
Ah, the late ’90s, that magical time in America when we had yet to beat the drum of perpetual war, the middle class existed and our president used his intern as a humidor. Back then, our music scene was awash in boy bands, Nu Metal chodes and indie guys who actually played instruments—until three shy, adorable young women from Osaka, Japan helped add a little variety. Shonen Knife floated ashore on a Kurt Cobain endorsement, and it was hard not to be instantly smitten by their cheery smiles, their charming songs about sleeping all day sung in thick accents, and their infectious cover of The Runaways’ “Cherry Bomb.” Today, the trio is still going strong, handing out smiles like candy and keeping it simple with their three-chord Beach Boys-meets-the Ramones romps. Tonight, the dream of the ’90s is alive in Philly. -Brian McManus

9pm. $13. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave. 215.739.9684.

Too Much, Too Much, Too Many
You never know where the next great play will come from, but you could potentially be at the birth of a masterpiece if you’re in the audience at the first staged reading of playwright Meghan Kennedy’s highly anticipated new drama Too Much, Too Much, Too Many. Reworked, refined and rewritten by Kennedy during the two-week PlayPenn New Play Development Conference, Too Much focuses on a grief-stricken widow who (to her daughter’s growing alarm) has spent the year following her husband’s death locked in a bedroom composing her own obituary. An honest, frank exploration of how grief can occupy space in our mind, body and soul, director Josh Hecht’s cast features some of the area’s finest talent, including Nancy Boykin, Dan Kern and the versatile Dan Hodge. -J. Cooper Robb

8pm. Free. The Adrienne, 2030 Sansom St.

Friday, July 20

Buggin’ in the Dark
As part of the Academy of Natural Sciences’ adult field study programs, Entomology Curatorial Assistant Greg Cowper and Live Invertebrate Specialist Karen Verderame lead the entomologically curious into the pitch black of the New Jersey Pine Barrens for some quality time with arthropods, arachnids and many other crawly specimens. Bring a flashlight to navigate the dense sylvan terrain in search of Jersey’s rainbow-colored beetles and giant moths. You’ll learn about the various methods of bug collection, how to identify insects that thrive at night and, most importantly,  you’ll actually have a constructive reason to roam the woods at night with a flashlight. -Abigail Bruley

7-11pm. $30. Pine Barrens, (exact location will be given after registration). 215.299.1060.

River City Extension
From a marketing standpoint, contemporary music has become a frantic melee of bands trying to find compelling, idiosyncratic ways to portray themselves in an increasingly congested marketplace. The eight-piece, Toms River, N.J.-bred River City Extension have done their job well by marking their sound—perhaps tongue-in-cheekly—as “chamber-punk,” playing up their mixture of orchestral chamber-pop traits (they’ve utilized strings, woodwinds and brass) and general DIY punk vibe. Guitarist/vocalist/founder Joe Michelini—who once thanked fans for donating money to the tour by cooking for them—recently offered a slight contradiction to their tag by declaring, “Until I at least educate myself a little further on the subject, I’d never want to self-apply [punk] at the risk of just being ignorant and not knowing what I’m talking about.” But if anyone should receive a pass for wielding the term willy-nilly, it’s the endearing, not-punk-but-punk charmers in River City E, whose sweat-generating shows radiate good-natured energy. -Reyan Ali

7pm. $13-$15. Union Transfer, 1026 Spring Garden St.

Sleigh Bells + Phantogram
Glass Candy, Crystal Castles, White Stripes, Royal Trux, the Dresden Dolls, Mates of State, Matt & Kim, Viva Voce, the Ting Tings, Wye Oak, She & Him, the Kills. The list of rocking boy/girl duos is a long one, and tonight, two greats—Sleigh Bells and Phantogram—take Philly by storm at Making Time’s 12th Year Anniversary Summer Hyper Rager. In Sleigh Bells, guitarist Derek Miller’s deafening wall of six-string squeal is a punch in the gut, but it’s balanced perfectly with Alexis Krauss’ seductive coo. Saratoga Springs, N.Y.’s Phantogram exude a more danceable strut, the vibrato heavy guitar plucks of Josh Carter pinging all around the airy vocals of keyboardist Sarah Barthel, who gets in where she fits in. Both will make you shimmer and shake, squiggle and shriek, sit up and get down. Oh, and tango, too, of course. It takes two, after all. -B.Mc.

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