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Wednesday, July 11

He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister
Initially a smart-ass musical rip Rachel Kolar offered on brother Robert’s ex-girlfriend, it grew into a full-fledged band fueled by sweet sibling harmonies. (Sample lyric: “Wallowing moron with a heart of black gold/Filthy saloon girl, looking haggard, looking old.”) Rachel’s sultry croon recalls Jolie Holland, trading leads with Robert while the music moves with rootsy, rousing ’60s pop swing. Formerly an actress/director, Rachel brings theatricality to the project, as does their jaw-dropping tap-dancing drummer/theatre chum Lauren Brown. Brown epitomizes their loose, fun-loving spirit. With slide guitarist Aaron Robinson replacing busy actor/cellist Satya Bhabha (Scott Pilgrim), they’re prepping an eclectic full-length debut for release in the Fall. -Chris Parker

8pm. $10-$12. With Sean Rowe. World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St. 215.222.1400.

The Scorpions, out of Germany, peaked in a mid-1980s explosion of super-clean, super-extravagant, dual guitar-shredding metal, vying with bands like Judas Priest, Def Leppard and, ahem, Loverboy for MTV’s attention. Nearly two decades later, their 1984 single, “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” remains a staple of sports arenas and hard-rock stations everywhere, balancing surgically-precise guitar aggression with catchy, well-executed vocals. Their 2010 tour, celebrating 18th studio album Sting in the Tail, was supposed to be the band’s last, but rock ’n’ roll is hard to kill. In Philly, they’ll no doubt give a nod to local writing partner Eric Bazilian (also of the Hooters), who shares credit on roughly half the songs from the Scorpions’ last two albums. -Jennifer Kelly

7:30pm. $29.50-$79.50. With Tesla. Mann Center for the Performing Arts, 5201 Parkside Ave. 215.878.0400.

Thursday, July 12

Schuylkill Banks Movie Nights
Every other Thursday, the 2012 Schuylkill Banks Movie Nights features classic films outdoors below the Walnut Street Bridge. This week, they screen the original Footloose, the 1984 classic tale of teen rebellion and social repression starring Kevin Bacon, Chris Penn and Sarah Jessica Parker. Future screenings include O Brother Where Art Thou, The Incredibles and Moneyball. The free event begins at dusk, but people are encouraged to arrive early to secure the best spot and score free snacks, courtesy of Dranoff Properties’ Locust on the Park and Left Bank. -Ning Shao

8:30-10:30pm. Free. Schuylkill Banks, Walnut Street Bridge. 215.222.6030.

Friday, July 13

Fat Possum Records damn well knows its duos. They have a history of signing a bunch of good ones: Black Keys, T Model Ford and Spam, Bass Drum of Death. So, in ’09, when they inked a deal with Crocodiles, a two-piece from the “whale’s vagina,” meaning San Diego, those in the know tuned their ears in. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the two in the group—Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell—came from an impressive pedigree, spending time in hardcore heroes like A Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower and Some Girls. Those bands blew wigs back with scream-centric force. But Crocodiles came out the gate shooting fuzzy, warm Jesus and Mary Chain-like hugs from their amps, choosing this time not to break hips, but make them sway. The guys have added a few more instruments since their debut—live drums, keyboards—and, like the Keys before them, the result is a band that’s more fully realized, more versatile, lusher and readier than ever for prime time. In short, these Crocodiles have more teeth. -Brian McManus

8pm. $12. With Nothing. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave. 215.739.9684.

Plan 9 From Outer Space
In the age of The Room, Troll 2, Birdemic and the Cam’ron-directed Killa Season, is there even room for Plan 9 From Outer Space? Slow and only spottily terrible, the alleged “Worst Movie Ever” isn’t even Edward D. Wood Jr.’s worst/funniest. (Glen or Glenda? is more insane.) You can blame its reverse acclaim on right-wing film critic Michael Medved and his brother Harry, who named it history’s baddest film in the same book where they trashed Last Year at Marienbad and easy (and undeserving) targets like Peter Bogdanovich’s At Long Last Love. It will be interesting to see how Plan 9 holds up to today’s cinematic nadirs, especially given this Secret Cinema event’s setting: Laurel Hill Cemetery. (The original title, after all, was Grave Robbers From Outer Space.) Also on tap will be the usual unusual Secret Cinema shorts, including a mysterious 1937 film capturing the exhumation of millionaire Henrietta Garrett’s corpse. -Matt Prigge

9pm. $10. Laurel Hill Cemetery, 3822 Ridge Ave. 215.228.8200.

The Art Factor 2012
Deemed a “social networking mixer for creative people,” this annual event welcomes artists and art enthusiasts alike to come and create original artwork. This year’s theme is “My Robot is Better Than Yours.” Guests are encouraged to discuss how technology has changed one-on-one communication in the 21st century, then choose a particular form of technology to serve as their “robot.” Leading them in a variety of robot-themed art demos is a group of five talented artists, including Aswad Cobbs, Brujo De La Mancha, Robert Monrgan and Urugliness. The event also features a Paint By Numbers Mural, raffles, free goodie bags and live techdisco beats by DJ GDiddy. -Nicole Finkbiner

7pm. $5-$10. Blick Art Supply Store, 1330 Chestnut St. 215.545.3214.

Saturday, July 14

Bastille Day
Grab your torch and pitchforks! This week marks the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille in France, and Eastern State Penitentiary is commemorating the occasion with their annual reenactment of the historic coup. The event is free to the public, though prepare to come dressed in your peasantry best (or worst). For the bourgeoisie, tickets are available online for table seating and refreshments. The event culminates with Marie Antoinette being dragged to the guillotine as she shouts, “Let them eat Tastykake!” prompting a shower of 3,000 Tastykakes to rain from the walls down to the rebels below. Following the performance, local Fairmount restaurants will offer French cuisine, and there will be special discount pricing to tour the Penitentiary. Vive la France! Marissa Marzano
Sat., July 14. 4:30pm. Free.

Eastern State Penitentiary, 2027 Fairmount Ave.

“So you should pump this shit/Like they do in the future,” goes the riled-up chorus of “The Full Retard,” off Cancer 4 Cure, the May-released third LP from El-P. If this banger and Cancer indicate what will be happening years from now, the future is destined to be a place ruled by uber tangled, rapidly delivered, ultra intellectual raps, plus mistrust, resentment, self-doubt and more of the MC’s favorite subjects. The Blade Runner-smitten Brooklynite born Jaime Meline has long maintained a highly motivated hustle—his own discography and guest verses aside, El-P founded crucial indie hip-hop label Definitive Jux and has grown increasingly interested in production (beats on the new R.A.P. Music from tour partner Killer Mike are all El’s doing)—but Cancer marks an apex of agility and agitation. Take that advice, and start your pumping in the present. -Reyan Ali

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