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Killa Cam comes to the Blockley this week.

Wed., Jan. 9

Drum Circle Workshop
The Fairmount Park drum circles from your youth may have fizzled out, but that’s no reason to hang up the rhythm. Get back in touch with your tribal side with famous Middle-Eastern percussionist Joseph Tayoun in the appropriate setting of the Egyptian room at Penn’s Archaeology Museum. Got a pair of bongos? Bring ‘em! If not, Tayoun can provide you with your skin of choice while guiding you through a few techniques to up your beat game. -Abigail Bruley

6:30-8pm. $15. University of Penn Archaeology and Anthropology Museum, 3260 South St. 215.898.2680.

Thurs., Jan. 10

Parquet Courts
For a band whose best-known tune is “Stoned and Starving,” Parquet Courts bring a surprising amount of tension. Musically, their songs bristle with an early ‘80s-style barb-mesh of spiky guitar stabs. Their lyrics come in strident bursts, barked in a stinging monotone by band leader Andrew Savage, who falls vocally somewhere between Mark E. Smith and Jonathan Richman. Savage, you might remember from Fergus & Geronimo, a slyly confrontational, genre-mixing lo-fi pop outfit that emerged from Denton, Texas in 2011. His new project, relocated to Brooklyn, is more focused, abrasive and single-mindedly stripped down. For visual interest, you’ll have to get what you can from bassist Sean Yeaton’s mop-shaking bob or sporadic scissor kicks from frontman Savage. Instead, you’re left to meditate on the songs, which are as sharp and vitriolic as tunes about donuts, joints and Disney can be. -Jennifer Kelly

9pm. $5. With Amanda X, Priests, Mike Bell & the Movies + the Cats. Kung Fu Necktie,1250 N. Front St. 215.291.4919.

The Beauty Queen of Leenane
Lantern Theater Company completes its staging of playwright Martin McDonagh’s “Leenane Trilogy” with his first and perhaps most celebrated play, The Beauty Queen of Leenane. Set on Ireland’s rugged western coast in the small village of Leenane (where all three plays in McDonagh’s cycle unfold), the spellbinding story follows the mounting desperation of a woman in danger of wasting her life. Beauty Queen takes place in the home shared by the impossibly difficult mother Mag (Mary Martello) and her spinster daughter Maureen (Megan Bellwoar). The mother’s belligerent and often cruel behavior suggests a mental illness, and while her sisters have married and smartly skipped town, Maureen is trapped caring for her mother. Seemingly her only possible escape is a potential romance with a local named Pato (Charlie DelMarcelle), who, along with his delinquent younger brother Ray (Sean Lally), are the home’s only consistent visitors. -J. Cooper Robb

7pm. $10-$38. St. Stephen’s Theater, 10th and Ludlow sts. 215.829.0395.

Red Bull Thre3Style
Red Bull Thre3Style pits DJs from across the country against one another in a battle of the beats. Various venues throughout the country will host competitions judging DJs on various aspects: tracks, creativity, mixing, performance and reactions from the crowd. Those who make it through the first round will go on to regionals and a national competition this April in L.A. As a competing DJ, you will be given 15 minutes to play three tracks from different genres—keep the crowd dancing, try your best to win, pick up a prize and head on through to the next round. Come out tonight to support the five DJs from our area: Bo Bliz, DJ Phsh, Suga Shay, DJ Royale and Gianni Lee. Judges for Philly’s stop will be the winner of last year’s competition, Four Color Zack, and local Philly celebs Lee Jones and DJ Aktive. -Brenda Hillegas

10pm. Free. The Trocadero, 1003 Arch St.

Fri., Jan. 11

The Three Stooges: Hollywood Filming Locations
The story goes that the Three Stooges spent 23 years unaware of the exact hugeness of their popularity. While stationed at Columbia Pictures during their Golden Years, studio president Harry Cohn lied to them about their box-office prowess, not only to keep their salaries down but to scare them into not leaving for literally greener pastures. Comedy shorts, despite their success, were never treated with the respect of their serious and/or long-form counterparts, and so documentation on their making is scarce. So kudos to Stooge expert Jim Pauley: his new book The Three Stooges: Hollywood Filming Locations—the result of years of obsessive detective work—IDs the areas of Los Angeles that served as Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp et al.’s various playgrounds when they weren’t confined to the Columbia lots. For the latest Secret Cinema event, Pauley will present a live presentation of his extensive findings. His lecture will be paired with Stooges shorts—shown, of course, on film. -Matt Prigge

7pm. $7-$9. International House, 3701 Chestnut St. 215.387.5125.

The Walkmen
Remember the early 2000s? More specifically, remember when every band from New York seemed to discover that their city was, in fact, responsible for Blondie, Television and a host of other notable post-punk darlings? Most attention was squandered on upstart bands like the Strokes or Interpol, who proved over time that they didn’t have all that much to say. While the aforementioned were content on coming around every once in a while to reintroduce us to the gritty sound they’d borrowed, the Walkmen decided to leave their peers in the dust. Ten years and seven albums later, they’ve not only managed to hold onto relevance, but have (gasp!) evolved their sound in the process. From their amazingly diverse 2002 debut album Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone to 2012’s more mature Heaven, they prove that there could be more to that scene than just wearing cool clothes and mimicking your heroes. -Anthony Trivelli

9pm. $22. With Alec Ounsworth (of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah). Union Transfer, 1024 Spring Garden St. 215.232.2100.
Sat., Jan. 12

Judy Gelles: “I Want to Grow Up Fast”
Four years ago, Philadelphia-based conceptual photographer Judy Gelles began interviewing 4th graders in schools of diverse socioeconomic statuses in China, India and the United States. She posed the same three questions to each child:  Whom do you live with? What do you worry about? What do you wish for? Gelles discovered the most common wish the children shared  was “to grow up fast.” In this show at Pentimenti Gallery, Gelles incorporates the 140 children’s own words in her photographs, the text providing shape for the negative space, audio voice recordings and videos. Gelles’ exhibit shows us how much you can learn about a culture simply by talking to a 9-year-old. -Jessica Foley

5pm. Free. Through Feb. 28. Pentimenti Gallery, 145 N. Second St. 215.625.9990.

There are not many MCs who can pull off wearing a purple mink coat, but for Cam’ron, it’s just a weekday. Founder of the Diplomats (aka Dipset), as well as the artist behind many early ‘00s hits, such as “Oh Boy” and “Hey Ma,” Cam’ron has been rocking some pretty outlandish threads for years now, and good for him. (Frankly, hip-hop needs more Easter Bunny furs.) Killa Cam’s career has had a long road, beginning in the early ‘90s with Children of the Corn, a horrorcore group—remember horrorcore?—with Big L and Mase—remember Mase?—before signing a deal with Epic Records. Along the way, he’s had beefs with Jay-Z, Kanye and 50 Cent (Hey, who hasn’t?), plus jump-started the career of his protégé Juelz Santana. Currently, Cam’ron is working on sequels to his 2006 album and movie, Killa Season. Catch him while you can. -Bryan Bierman

8pm. $27-$30. With Voss, E-Hos, Mont Brown with Pace-O Beats + DJ Aktive. The Blockley, 3801 Chestnut St. 215.222.1234.

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