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Wednesday, Jan. 4

Body Awareness
Gifted, young playwright Annie Baker stole the show in September at the Philly Fringe when Theatre Exile presented her mesmerizing drama The Aliens. Baker returns to the city with the Wilma Theater’s production of the playwright’s 2008 work Body Awareness, which begins performances tonight and continues through Feb. 5. Similar to Aliens, Body Awareness is set in the small town of Shirley, Vt., home to Shirley State College, which is commemorating “Body Awareness Week.” The school’s celebration of the human form brings a photographer with photos of naked women to the home of liberal college professor Phyllis, her girlfriend Joyce and Joyce’s 21-year-old son Jared, who may or may not have Asperger’s Syndrome. Like Aliens, nothing thunderous occurs in Awareness. Rather, in Baker’s involving exploration of gender and parenting, the drama emerges quietly but with surprising force. -J. Cooper Robb

7:30pm. $19.50-$39. Wilma Theater, 265 S. Broad St. 215.546.7824.

Oi Lang Syne: A New Year’s Tweeunion
For three long years, the England Belongs to Twee DJ collective did the impossible by melding hardcore Oi anthems with sweet Twee ditties, and it was bloody brilliant. Sadly, as when testosterone is fed its soundtrack, and anger its team jacket, some hooligans went and actually rioted, just like their heroes on the covers of the albums, and the historic night came to a rebel halt. Now, the EBTT droogs will reband for an extra-special evening spinning the punk classics, the riot grrl thrashes, the soul stompers, the two-tone steppers and the twee smooches—if it wears an anorak, they’ll be playing it. -Abigail Bruley

9pm. Donations accepted. Barbarella, 951 Frankford Ave. 215.634.7400.

Thursday, Jan. 5

Fight Amp
Chances are that psych-rockers the Black Angels and Williamstown, N.J.-rooted sludge metal/noise rock monsters Fight Amp will never comfortably occupy the same bill, but the disparate bands share at least one rare detail: They both partly owe their names to the Velvet Underground. In Fight Amp’s case, the five-piece (now three-piece) originally called itself Fight Amputation, which partially nodded to “Rock & Roll” from 1990’s Loaded: “Despite all the amputations, you know you could just go out/ And dance to the rock ’n’ roll station.” The resulting act’s music isn’t nearly as jovial as that snippet suggests—on the contrary, “Thankless” finds them reciting the phrase “I wouldn’t trust the living” like a good piece of advice—but Fight Amp’s workmanlike gusto lends their coarse material a convincing sense of earnestness. Fingers crossed that they elevate their Velvets worship by tackling “Venus in Furs” or “Heroin” someday. -Reyan Ali

7:30pm. $8. With Psychic Teens, Whores + Bardus. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St. 215.291.4919.

Friday, Jan. 6

Dr. Fameus
The World Wide Web is an endlessly abundant thicket containing info on every subject known to mankind, but curiously, its wilds house relatively few details on Dr. Fameus. Let’s recap what we do know. First, the project is a solo affair manned by Disco Biscuits drummer Allen Aucoin. Unlike the mélange of electronica and jam-band stylings that the Biscuits are known for, Fameus focuses on the electronica side, allowing Aucoin to bang away at his kit while a computer gladly handles all the techno-esque segments. The drummer first began performing live under this alias in February 2008, but the moniker’s history stretches back to his days at Berklee College of Music, where he had both a predilection for lateness and a friend who used the word “famous” incessantly. Eventually, his tardiness earned him the nickname he employs today. Just don’t be fooled by that pesky spelling: Pronouncing “Dr. Fameus” correctly has more in common with “Seamus” than “atheist.” -R.A.

9pm. $10-$12. With CIA. The Blockley Pourhouse, 3801 Chestnut St. 215.222.1234.

Saturday, Jan. 7

Philadelphia Archeology Fair
Tap into your inner Indiana Jones and check out the Archaeology Fair at the Franklin Institute this week. Hosted by the Archaeology Institute of America, the event is the perfect place for adults who act like kids or kids who like digging in the dirt. Archaeologists, specialists and teachers will be on hand to present the activities and educate the crowd about what it’s like to be an archaeologist. Presenters for the event include the Penn Museum, Franklin Pierce University Anthropology Club, the Bucks County Community College Arts Department, the Pennsylvania Archaeological Council and the Legio III Cyrenaica. -Sydney Scott

10am-4pm. Free with admission. The Franklin Institute, 222 N. 20th St. 617.353.9361.

Helena Espvall/Marcia Bassett Duo

This ongoing series, curated by Fire Museum Records, has become a haven for local and visiting avant-gardists. To kick off 2012, the label welcomes Philly cellist/guitarist/vocalist Helena Espvall, whose music evokes the Arctic climes and austere expanses of her native Sweden. Marcia Bassett, of New York, brings a much freakier template of processed vocals and noise to the party. How will she play off of Espvall’s calm folkloric melodies and looped and layered legato cello? Only one way to find out. Tara Burke, another Espvall collaborator, is slated to appear with her Fursaxa project, and Bassett will venture a solo set under the moniker Zaïmph (a Flaubert reference). -David R. Adler

8pm. $6. With Fursaxa + Zaïmph. Highwire Gallery, 2040 Frankford Ave.

Pennsy Flea Market
Most people spend the first week of the new year recovering from all the New Year’s Eve mayhem they manage to get themselves into. But if you still have a little energy left, spend a lazy Saturday strolling around the Pennsy Flea Market. Philadelphia’s largest flea market boast more than 300 vendors, so you’ll find baked goods, fresh produce, collectibles and vintage clothing. Located in South Philly, the large indoor and outdoor market also features an auction and offers consignment shopping. Registration for the auction is free and you can do it before or during the event. And, Pennsy will take just about anything for consignment, including gym equipment, tools and sport memorabilia. S.S.

9:30am-5:30pm. Pennsy Flea Market, 1600 S. Warfield St. 215.463.3532.

Sunday, Jan. 8

Hypocrisy: The Anti-Sex Mystery
Despite whatever strides we may have made in women’s liberation and the fact that it’s now 2012, for far too many women the discussion of sex comes with feelings of shame and embarrassment. You know, because only men are entitled to satisfying sexual relationships. We’re just supposed to lay there and moan occasionally. Rather than simply promoting promiscuity, Hypocrisy is about embracing the beauty of sexual intercourse and empowering women to speak up and tell their mates what it is that they like and don’t like. Combining spoken word and theater, the play centers around five women from five generations who obviously have different ideas and experiences with sex and relationships. Through their open dialogue, the women explore and validate various issues with regard to women’s sexuality and sensuality. In other words, it’s sorta like Sex and the City, but without all the vapid plotlines and dick jokes. -Nicole Finkbiner

3pm and 7pm. $10-$15. The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut St.

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