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Hannibal Buress
Even if you’re not familiar with Hannibal Buress by name, he’s probably already made you laugh—he’s a former Saturday Night Live writer who (in an appropriately meta way) moved to the writing staff of 30 Rock last August, and there’s a good chance that some of the more awkward bits you’ve chuckled at this season came from him. He’s been named by Chris Rock as the possible offspring of Steven Wright, Mos Def and Dave Chappelle, and on tons of year-end best-of lists for his standup and July’s album My Name Is Hannibal. Buress tends to pass on shock value in favor of laid-back, absurdist observations of the everyday, delivered in a deadpan that occasionally lets through a ray of awkward, childlike glee. This is not to say that he doesn’t claim to have punched a child for showboating on Guitar Hero or gotten so high in Amsterdam that he bought a white baby. -Julian Galette

8pm. $15. Connie’s Ric Rac, 1132 S. Ninth St. 215.279.7597.

Two Door Cinema Club
A new year, a new crop of young pretenders spewed forth from the ever-fecund UK pop scene, and another band to cause collective apoplexy and general moistness amongst the pages of NME. Step forward then, the charmingly named Two Door Cinema Club, a motley trio of whey-faced chancers from Northern Ireland. As sprightly as a bulging sack of baby Otters, they’re nothing if not charming, irrepressibly exuberant, and they peddle a fine line in big, bright, shiny indie/electro-pop. The more cynical amongst you may choose to pursue something more substantial, but those in search of a much-needed post-festive musical cleanser should look no further. -Neil Ferguson

7pm. $16.50-$19. With Tokyo Police Club. Trocadero, 1003 Arch St. 215.922.6888.

Sunday, Jan. 23

Chrisette Michele
You know you’re somebody when the lawsuits start coming. Soul songstress Chrisette Michele is currently the focus of a $20 million lawsuit being brought against Def Jam, her label, and Michele’s parents by Douglas “Biggs” Elison, Michele’s former manager and boyfriend. He’s suing them for engaging in unlawful business practices in order to free Michele from her contract with him and his firm. Of course, the fact that Michele is currently flying high with her latest album, Let Freedom Reign, which dropped a couple of months ago to rave reviews and high chart positions on Billboard’s R&B and digital charts, is purely coincidental. But it appears that this isn’t preventing Michele from performing and becoming another one of black music’s most sought-after, honey-voiced songbirds. (You can currently hear her doing the hook on Rick Ross and Drake’s “Aston Martin Music.”) We can only assume that the more success she achieves, the more people will come out of the woodwork, looking to take responsibility for it. -Craig D. Lindsey

7:30pm. $42.50-$52.50. Keswick Theatre, 291 N. Keswick Ave. 215.572.7650.

Monday, Jan. 24

Guatemala, 1987. Arnold Schwarzenegger, his arms and an elite team of ex-athletes and porn stars descend on a volatile guerilla stronghold. Stalking them from the jungle canopy is the eponymous Predator, an extraterrestrial Ted Nugent with a vagina-dentata grimace and an annoying habit of going chameleon. Commandos drop like flies, leaving one future/former governor to go native and bring the alien down. Adrien Brody and Topher Grace, stars of last year’s pluralized sequel, were still in their ‘jammies when director John McTiernan laid this landmark sweaty slobberknocker on the sci-fi landscape, so de-cloak, unhinge your mandibles and get ready for the most dangerous game. Show up before 7 and get a free beer and popcorn; standard entry includes both a seat and a drink. -Paul Montgomery

8pm. $3. Trocadero, 1003 Arch St. 215.922.6888.

The Concretes
Long-running Swedish indie-pop/chamber-pop octet the Concretes gained a foothold here in the U.S. in the mid-’00s with a handful of well-received (in indie circles, anyway) albums and even flirted with mainstream success when their song “Say Something New”—a modern take on the ’60s Phil Spector/girl-group sound—was prominently featured in a Target TV campaign. After 2007’s Hey Trouble, the band’s first album following the departure of lead singer and co-founder Victoria Bergsman (who’s now in Taken by Trees), the Concretes went on hiatus while its members started families and horn player Ludvig Rylander even joined the circus for a year. They finally returned late last year with WYWH, but with it the Concretes hardly resemble their former selves—they’ve traded in the old sounds for a hot-pantsed disco-pop throb. Which would still probably sound good in a Target ad. -M.A.G.

9pm. $13. With Hooray for Earth. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 Frankford Ave. 215.739.9684.

Tuesday, Jan. 25

Exit Through the Gift Shop
After receiving dozens of awards and heaps of critical praise, Exit Through the Gift Shop screens tonight at Dock Street, where pizza and beer will enhance the ordinary experience of sitting in a dark room with strangers. The silly, hyperacademic fog around the film (Q: How does late capitalism react to and absorb art’s radical potentialities, artistic intention, authenticity, art-world legitimacy, etc.)—has thickened thanks to critics and other hack-commentators and the less-interesting but more-discussed question of where the film falls on the fiction-nonfiction spectrum. One consequence of this circle jerk is that a lot of fine people have avoided it, fearing that a simple movie night might become a punch-out over the subtleties of Walter Benjamin’s distinction between politicized aesthetics and aestheticized politics, which nobody wants. What they may not realize they do want is a documentary about a video-camera-toting, non-sequitur-spouting, possibly insane French immigrant with the life-consuming hobby of filming the work of famous street artists, a movie that disintegrates into something completely different when he basically swaps places with the most successful artist, Banksy, about halfway through. And that’s all this really is. E.S.

8:30pm. Free. Dock Street Brewing Co., 701 S. 50th St. 215.726.2337.

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