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Mardi Gras
Even if you aren’t beginning a fast for the Lenten season (for some of us, every Tuesday is “Fat” Tuesday), you can still party like it’s going out of business at Sunday’s 27th annual Mardi Gras Parade with the Wild Bohemains. The Wild Bohemians have become practically synonymous with drunken Mardi Gras revelry in Philadelphia, and will pull us out of our February funk (Valentine’s Day, digging your car out of the snow with a Frisbee, etc.) yet again with a celebratory parade down South Street, complete with big-band sound and 1,500 Mardi Gras beads. The parade starts, quite appropriately, at Fat Tuesdays, and ends at Cafe Nola, hitting several watering holes along the way. Come to throw beads, earn beads and generally get your Gras on. -Claire Noble

1:30pm-6pm. Free. Fat Tuesday, 431 South St. 215.629.5999

Monday, Feb. 28

Spring Registration at Fleisher
Always wanted to try figure painting but unwilling to be the weirdo who posts an ad on Craigslist for a model? Fleisher Art Memorial has you covered. Channel your inner Wyeth (or Oldenburg or Warhol) with a variety of tuition-free art classes from Fleisher Art Memorial. They’ve recently capped enrollment so you get plenty of instructor attention from their experienced faculty and it’s the perfect opportunity to scratch that printmaking or pottery itch without actually buying a press or a kiln. Instructors will coach you through the basics but expect plenty of hands-on art-making. Check Fleisher’s website for full course listings and schedule, but most classes are weekly (many in the evenings) for two or three hours. They offer courses in anatomy and art history for the more hands-off art lover, but those looking to get messy can immerse themselves in ceramics, drawing, sculpture and printmaking. The 10-week semester begins April 9 but classes fill up quickly so set your most reliable calendar alarm for Monday morning and get ready to get crafty. -Caitlin Goodman

10am. Free with membership. Fleisher Art Memorial, 719 Catharine St. 215.922.3456.

Marc Broussard
Just shy of 30, Louisiana singer-guitarist Marc Broussard has spent the past decade establishing himself as one of the premier ambassadors of “Bayou soul”—he’s sorta like Dr. John, had the Doctor been weaned on Prince instead of Bo Diddley. Broussard’s got a husky, gritty voice and a command of blues, soul, and Cajun traditions, at least some of that absorbed from his famous father, Boogie Kings guitarist Ted Broussard. The younger Broussard has been particularly adept at working those old music forms into modern-pop structures, scoring a handful of hits (surely you’re heard the ubiquitous “Home”) and collaborating with the likes of LeAnn Rimes and Sara Bareilles. Tonight he hits town behind his forthcoming self-titled album, which doesn’t arrive in stores until June but which you can purchase exclusively at this gig. -M.A.G.

8pm. $29.50. Sellersville Theater, Main and Temple sts., Sellersville. 215.257.5808.

Tuesday, March 1

Trolls: They’re large, hairy and scary. They live under bridges. When sunlight hits ’em, they turn to stone. And when they get their huge paws on humans, they usually eat them. Fuckin’ A, right? Scandinavians are down with trolls because they’re part of that region’s rich folklore, and metal bands have long dug trolls because of all the mayhem and fear. Thus: Finntroll. As the name implies, this rousing, growling black-metal/folk-metal group is from Helsinki, Finland, and near as we can tell, all of their songs are about either trolls devouring interloping Swedish priests, or interloping Swedish priests being devoured by trolls. Long as you’re not a Swedish priest, we can’t see any reason for skipping this show. -M.A.G.

7:30pm. $20-$23. With Ensiferum, Rotten Sound + Barren Earth. Trocadero, 1003 Arch St. 215.922.6888.

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