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Wednesday, Dec. 14

Harsh Vibes
There’s something futuristic and gnarly about Harsh Vibes—like carving up Woody Harrelson’s empty pool blitzed on chronic, bossing a blinged-out skateboard whose wheels sport their own mini spinner rims. The instrumental Fishtown quintet are the smoke spiraling upward from a fiery three-car pileup involving Blue Cheer, Today is the Day and Pelican. Into the airstream they drift between elegant figures bathed in shimmering distortion and distant gathering clouds of dark foreboding fueled by bottom-end pummel and throb. Mutant garage-blues drone verges into metal-psych sprouting bloomlets of atonal guitar squall. You awaken on the couch in a pool of drool, turn off the tube, put the roach in the ashtray and go to bed. -Chris Parker

9pm. $7. With Fort Wilson Riot, Cheap Dinosaurs, Gypsy Death + You. The Fire, 412 W. Girard Ave. 267.671.9298.

The Films of Richard Kern
Richard Kern has a knack for illuminating New York City’s subterranean culture. His early zine, The Heroin Addict, told stories of the dopers and outsiders wandering the East Village in the early 1980s. He switched to film soon after, becoming a leading figure of the Cinema of Transgression movement. Examining the bleak Village underworld of deviant sex and dope in his films, Kern pulled actors from the underground music/art scene (Lydia Lunch, Sonic Youth members, Henry Rollins, David Wojnarowicz, et al.). International House screens six of Kern’s 1980s shorts tonight—including Stray Dogs and the Butthole Surfers-scored Submit to Me—and two more recent ones. In 1992’s The Bitches, a threesome goes awry when the two ladies start, um .... (just go see it). And, like his recent portraits of adult entertainment workers (like Sasha Grey) for Vice’s, 2011’s Face to Panty Ratio shows close-ups of girls in panties set to the music by Thurston Moore. -Elliott Sharp

7:30pm. $9. International House, 3701 Chestnut St.

Thursday, Dec. 15

Luis Alberto Urrea
Latino Literature Hall of Famer Luis Alberto Urrea comes to Philly tonight for a free event to discuss and explore his latest novel, Queen of America. The book is a sequel to 2006’s The Hummingbird’s Daughter—the story of a 16-year-old girl who finds herself a saint in late 19th-century Mexico. Urrea is a master of different genres and author of 13 best-selling books. As a writer, Urrea has developed his style by delving into his rich past—he was born in Tijuana to a Mexican father and American mother during the 1960s. His powerful, funny and thought-provoking books are explorations of “love, loss and triumph.” -Julian Lopez

7:30pm. Free. Central Library, 1901 Vine St. 215.567.4341.

Comedian Deconstruction

The mind of a comedian is a dark and complex place to visit. It’s a bubbling cauldron of stark contrasts and conflicts that, when expelled, produce an energy so powerful, a humane connection so strong, it relieves a room full of people of their own subconscious and repressed desires. Comedian Deconstruction endeavors to reach inside the psyches of its stand-up comedians through an improv interpretation of their acts. Tonight, the theme is “That’s What She Said,” and it’s an all-girl lineup. The improv teams of Ebony and Ivory and Bandaid Chorleson will be deconstructing the humor of Carolyn Busa and Mary Radzinski, unfolding their minds like a sick, Freudian origami swan. -Abigail Bruley

7:30pm. Free. L’etage, 624 S. Sixth St. 215.592.0656.


Think you could show that diva Lea Michele a thing or two? Screw moves like Jagger—Philly Dance Fitness is going to show you how to move like Matthew Morrison. Gleekercise is 75-minute class set up with follow-the-leader-type dance exercises all set to the tunes of the hit show. Gleeks (and regular fans alike) of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels are invited to participate in the class. Just bring some comfy clothes, good sneakers, water and a body that’s ready to move like the Broadway star it was meant to be. Tickets sell fast, but 10 spots will be held for drops-ins on the day of. -Darren White

7pm. $12-15. The Performance Space, 1515 Brandywine St.

Friday, Dec. 16

Summer Fiction
Summer Fiction, the lovely indie-pop combo headed up by veteran Philly singer-songwriter Bill Ricchini, headlines JB’s tonight as part of WXPN’s free Key Studio Sessions series. If you’re into the lush, semi-orchestral psych-pop of Arthur Lee’s Love and such dreamy acolytes as the Clientele, Felt and even Belle & Sebastian, then you’ll want to be in the room tonight. Summer Fiction’s melodies are both delicate and unstoppable, Ricchini’s voice is equally wistful and comforting, and the band’s songs will drape over you like your coziest winter blanket even as they remind you of warm July nights. This gig is free, but you have to RSVP with WXPN to secure your spot on the list. -Michael Alan Goldberg

9pm. Free. With Pink Skull + Attia Taylor. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave. 215.739.9684.

Best of the Fest
For the past five years, the ghoulish gentlemen behind Exhumed Films have delighted devotees of shocking cinema with their annual 24-hour horrorthons. Alas, most of the celluloid corpses disinterred by these awful archivists are best left unseen by mortal eyes. Every so often, however, their scary screenings include movies so beguilingly bad that they demand to be seen again. This double feature is comprised of two such flicks emanating from the 1980s, which were first shown at 2009’s Fright Fest. Raw Force combines elements of action, kung fu and zombie movies, with some white slavery thrown in for good measure. Lady Terminator is an Indonesian rip-off of James Cameron’s The Terminator, right down to the infamous eyeball scene, but it also contains a dash of supernatural sexploitation. Dreck this awful can only be appreciated when surrounded by an audience of 300 like-minded souls, so crawl out of your crypts and enjoy the proceedings. -Raymond Simon

7:30pm. $12. International House, 3701 Chestnut St. 215.387.5125.

Glorious Christmas
Philadelphia Orchestra’s “Glorious Sounds of Christmas” is a wonderful way to welcome in the holiday season. Scrooge himself would get into the holiday spirit after hearing the stirring renditions of “Gloria” and “Hark! The Angels Sing.” The sounds will transport the audience back to their childhoods spent listening to William Holcombe’s “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” narrated by Pat Ciarrocchi of CBS3. This year’s concert, which will be conducted by Rossen Milanov, combines the talents of four of the city’s leading musical organizations. Besides the orchestra, choral singers from the Mendelssohn Club, leading violinists from the Curtis Institute and star performers from the Opera Company of Philadelphia will all perform on stage. -Laura Goldman

7pm. $10-$107. Kimmel Center, 260 S. Broad St. 215.893.1999.

Phonte + 9th Wonder

You know how they say absence makes the heart grow fonder? Well, it appears that since MC/singer Phonte Coleman and producer/DJ 9th Wonder haven’t been in each other’s lives for a while, they’ve been making up for it lately by being sort of inseparable. The former partners in the North Carolina hip-hop group Little Brother (along with Rapper Big Pooh) had a bitter falling-out a few years back when 9th left the group to pursue other projects. However, the two old pahtnas reconciled, eventually working on one another’s latest releases: Coleman’s solo joint Charity Starts at Home and 9th’s long-awaited effort The Wonder Years. Now, they’re making up for lost time by hitting the road together. As they make a stop in the City of Brotherly Love this week, these two brothas are out to show it’s nothing but love between them these days. Now, if they can only get Pooh to join in on the love train. -Craig D. Lindsey

8pm. With Rapsody, Median + Sela. $18. TLA, 334 South St. 215.922.1011.

Saturday, Dec. 17

Ugly Christmas Sweater Soiree
Pull out that hideous sweater your Gram-Gram got you. The kids at CHOP will thank you. The Blockley is hosting a night of drinks and prizes honoring ugliest outfits to help out the Matt Mullin Memorial Fund. Proceeds from this evening will benefit the cystic fibrosis center at Children’s Hospital. The cost of a ticket, available in advance or at the door, will get you five hours of open bar plus special holiday White Russians. Mullin, who died suddenly in 2009, was great with children and loved throwing parties. With so many friends showing up to his gatherings, it was a no brainer to keep the party going after he died. His family and a few close friends raise money at various events throughout the year with proceeds always going to help causes related to children. -Brenda Hillegas

8pm. $40. The Blockley, 38th and Chestnut sts.

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