Art Time, Summer in the City

Rounding up all that is artsy and/or fartsy this summer.

By Roberta Fallon
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Vogel Collection

Art Gallery at City Hall

The new 700-square-foot Art Gallery at City Hall, with its high ceilings, fixed walls and lots of natural light, brings art into the seat of power like never before. The brainchild of Gary Steuer, head of the Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy, Art Gallery at City Hall lives at street level in Steuer’s new offices. The gallery’s mission is to help arts organizations with their programs; thus, On the Rise features work by 12 artists from three nonprofits: InLiquid, the Center for Emerging Visual Artists and Philadelphia Sculptors. The gallery is not an offshoot of the Art in City Hall program, which will continue to display art in the glass cases on the Second and Fourth floors. Rather, it will be run separately with the help of an Advisory Council made up of arts professionals, Steuer says. Check out the new gallery at the open house on June 17 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Opens June 17.

Art Gallery at City Hall, Room 116

Vogel Collection at PAFA

Herb and Dorothy Vogel are newsworthy not just for having recently given away one of the best contemporary art collections in existence, but also because they assembled it while planted firmly in the middle class. Herb was a postal worker and Dorothy a librarian; they lived on one salary and spent the other collecting art. At one point, their apartment got so full they gave the art to the National Gallery. But even they couldn’t hold it all, so they passed some on to museums in each of the 50 states. PAFA is the recipient of 50 Vogel pieces, mostly small works on paper, 30 of which go on view this month.

June 26-Sept. 12


118 N. Broad St.


Fresh from the three-day celebration No Soul For Sale at Britain’s Tate Modern, FLUXspace will re-create its Cat Culture (however it’s spelled) project, a faux anthropological exploration of how cats died out as a species in 2019. See the cat Moon Bounce and pick up a copy of the broadsheet with theory Derrida translated into icanhascheezburger language. Meow mix hysterical.

June 26-Aug. 15


3000 N. Hope St.

Bravo’s Work of Art

OMG these artists are so cute and the art is totally cool and Jerry Saltz is awesome did you see him tell that guy he’s not an artist?! Seriously, if you’re not watching this TV art competition, hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker, what are you watching?

Wednesdays at 10pm

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