On the Idiot Box: "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," "Beverly Hills Pawn" and "Sean Saves the World"

By Craig D. Lindsey
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Andre Braugher (left) and Andy Samberg in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Tuesdays, 8:30pm, Fox
Captive audience:
Fans of Barney Miller and The Job; people who miss SNL digital shorts; guys who need something to watch while their girlfriends wait for New Girl and The Mindy Project to come on.
Moment of truth: Considering how underwhelming—and unfunny—most of the new network sitcoms have gotten this season (still liking ya, Trophy Wife!), it’s almost pitiful how this show has become the best new sitcom simply by doing its job and being consistently funny. Nevertheless, I can never stop giggling my head off during this show, with Andy Samberg (as a hotshot detective) and Andre Braugher (as a gay-but-no-nonsense captain) leading a team of bumbling yet still competent cops at a Brooklyn precinct. I can’t think of a funnier show to cleanse the palette after that Dads bullshit goes off.
Emmy or phlegmmy: Emmy.

Beverly Hills Pawn
Wednesdays, 9pm, Reelz
Captive audience: Collectors; hoarders; people who like buying Hollywood-related crap on eBay; folks who’ll watch any reality show with “Beverly Hills” in the title.
Moment of truth: Now in its second season, this mess follows thick-accented, A-list pawnbroker Yossi Dina and his team of bosomy, bubbleheaded underlings as they appraise items that possibly once belonged to celebrities or costume designers or whoever. The show is basically a hoity-toity, obviously orchestrated version of Antiques Roadshow, as people show up at Dina’s spot with items (many of them with dull backstories) they supposedly had lying around. At least this shows you that rich people need to sell shit off sometimes to make ends meet too. Wow, they’re just like us!
Emmy or phlegmmy: Phlegmmy.

Sean Saves the World
Thursdays, 9pm, NBC
Captive audience: Will & Grace fans; folks who remember Love, Sidney; people who really don’t ask for much from their sitcoms.
Moment of truth: Way, way on the other side of the new-sitcom spectrum is this lazy bit of whatever featuring Will & Grace scene-stealer Sean Hayes as a divorced, out-and-proud dad with a teenage daughter (Samantha Isler). He’s also surrounded by the usual sitcom suspects: overbearing mom (Alice’s Linda Lavin), slutty best friend (Smash’s Megan Hilty), black friend who’s there to say black stuff (Ben and Kate’s Echo Kellum). The one bit of fresh, anarchic air comes from Reno 911/The State alumni Tom Lennon, who plays Sean’s tyrannical, possibly autistic boss—at least, I assume that’s how he plays him.
Emmy or phlegmmy: Phlegmmy.

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