On the Idiot Box: "Low Winter Sun," "The Awesomes" and "Obsessed with the Dress"

By Craig D. Lindsey
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Mark Strong in "Low Winter Sun."

The Awesomes
Currently streaming on Hulu.com
Captive audience: SNL watchers; comic-book geeks; people who still have Mystery Men on VHS.
Moment of truth: Before taking over Late Night when Jimmy Fallon moves up an hour earlier, Weekend Update anchor and comic-book nerd Seth Meyers is currently acting out his fanboy fantasies with this animated comedy he co-created and stars in. He’s a bumbling yet brilliant superhero’s son who rounds up a crew of rejects (including Rashida Jones and fellow SNLers Kenan Thompson and Taran Killam) in the hopes of becoming America’s newest crimefighters. While the first episode was quite dry on laughs, the nutty second ep ultimately won me over. In short, these Awesomes are really just a’ight.
Emmy or phlegmmy: Emmy.

Obsessed with the Dress
Fridays, 10pm, WEtv
Captive audience: Reality-show watchers; beauty-pageant freaks; people who don’t have a damn thing to do on Friday nights.
Moment of truth: Here we have yet another WEtv reality show centered around a career-driven woman running a business with a bunch of catty, incompetent yotches for employees. This one features Michele Strom, a former beauty queen who runs a clothing store for beauty pageant contestants in Nebraska, an apparent hotbed of beauty-pageant activity. A bunch of interchangeable salesgirls—and one token, scheming gay dude—make up her staff. Even though they make up a bearable cast, nothing new comes out of this. Really, if you’ve seen one of these WEtv shows, you’ve seen them all.
Emmy or phlegmmy: Phlegmmy.

Low Winter Sun
Sundays, 10pm, AMC
Captive audience: Fans of The Wire, The Shield and Mark Strong’s bald-ass head.
Moment of truth: The ghosts of Vic Mackey and Stringer Bell hang quite heavily over this new, ever-so-timely drama, based on a 2006 British mini-series. The camera constantly swirls around Mark Strong’s dead-serious dome as he stars as a Detroit detective leading a murdered-cop investigation. Here’s the twist: He’s the one who killed him. With its bleak, intense vibe and nefarious collection of killer criminals and even more lethal law officials, this show is down and dirty on a number of levels. It’s still watchable, even though it makes you want to watch the aforementioned landmark shows again.
Emmy or phlegmmy: Emmy.

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