On the Guest List: Gangstagrass at Milkboy; "Mother of George" at the Philadelphia Film Festival

By PW Staff
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Gangstagrass at Milkboy
Sat., Oct. 26. milkboyphilly.com
Overall vibe: Bluegrass meets hip hop—two great American tastes that taste great together. Producer Oscar Owens (Rench) supplied the beats and rhythm guitar, while Dan “Coffee” Whitener provided the banjo. Fiddle player Adriel Williams was a new addition to the group, rounded out by not one, but two emcees: Dolio the Sleuth and Philly’s own R-Son, the Voice of Reason.
Most memorable moment: It’s always fun watching drunk people fall down. It’s especially fun when the drunk woman who fell down at the end of the show got right to her feet and gave a thumbs-up to let everyone know it was all good.
Scene stealer: When R-Son, the Voice of Reason introduced the group’s fiddle player at the end of the show, this “new guy” proceeded to use a wah pedal during his solo. A wah pedal distorting amazing fiddling is indescribable without utilizing the word “awesome.” (Kennedy Allen)

Mother of George at the Ritz East
Fri., Oct. 25. filmadelphia.org
Overall vibe: It’s rare to see spectators willing to stand in the back of a theater for over 90 minutes, but that’s what happened at the packed-in Ritz Theater screening of the sophomore film from Andrew Dosunmu and one of the crown jewels in the 2013 Philadelphia Film Festival’s lineup. See, Dosunmu’s a well-heeled fashion photographer with an eye for color and composition. And while he worked with a cinematographer (Bradford Young) and a writer (Darci Picoult), his tense vision kept the audience rapt.
Most memorable moment: Dosunmu’s post-film Q&A illuminated lots about Nigerian and Yoruba life and how it manifests in Mother of George.
Scene stealer: Adenike Balogun is a character to remember, executed flawlessly by the stunning Danai Gurira of The Walking Dead, Treme and Restless City, Dosunmu’s gorgeously-shot 2011 debut. (Bill Chenevert)

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