On the Telly: "Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond," "Rake" and "Chozen"

By Craig D. Lindsey
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In "Chozen," "SNL" star Bobby Moynihan voices the title character, a gay ex-con MC looking to exact revenge on the former friend (Method Man) who framed him.

Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond
Wednesdays, 10pm, BBC America
Captive audience: 007 freaks; WWII fanatics; guys who dream of being a badass on the battlefield and a beast in the bedroom.
Moment of truth: The gent who came up with James Bond gets to have some Bond-like adventures of his own in this four-part miniseries. It follows author Ian Fleming (Dominic Cooper) during his younger days, seeking women and adventure while battling Nazis as a member of British Naval Intelligence during WWII. This action-packed yet utterly suspicious miniseries goes about making Fleming’s life soapy and intrigue-filled. But people who know Fleming’s early years already know it was filled to the brim with drama. Well, it’s still entertaining if you can get past the histrionics of it all.
Emmy or phlegmmy: Phl-emmy.

Thursdays, 9pm, Fox
Captive audience: Angelenos; people who use to come home from high school every day and watch Talk Soup; people who seriously miss House and need an asshole to watch every week.
Moment of truth: After a nearly 20-year absence from the small screen, former Talk Soup/Later host turned Oscar-nominated actor Greg Kinnear has returned to TV, headlining this adaptation of an Australian dramedy. Kinnear plays a narcissistic, self-destructive attorney running away from responsibility (and people to whom he owes money) in Los Angeles. As nice as it is seeing Kinnear back on the tube, his obnoxious anti-hero is too much of a smug, little bitch to make you wanna follow him. Not to mention that the show—which is all over the place—rarely gives us a reason why we should.
Emmy or phlegmmy: Phlegmmy.

Mondays, 10:30pm, FX
Captive audience: Archer/Eastbound & Down fans; hip-hop fans who’ve always wondered which rappers are on the DL.
Moment of truth: Just when you thought FX couldn’t have a more offensive-yet-hilarious cartoon on its schedule than Archer, here comes this so-wrong-it’s-right show you’ll be ashamed for laughing out loud at. SNL’s Bobby Moynihan voices the title character, a gay ex-con MC looking to exact revenge on the former friend (Method Man) who framed him. With Archer creator Adam Reed and the brain trust behind Eastbound & Down—Danny McBride also voices Chozen’s unrepentant roadie—serving as executive producers, you can only guess how raunchy, rude and downright sidesplitting this show can get.
Emmy or phlegmmy: Emmy.

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