On the Guest List: Luna Theater’s “FutureFest”

By Jessica Foley
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Luna Theater’s “FutureFest”
Sat., April 20, Skybox at the Adrienne Theater. lunatheater.org
Overall vibe: The six short plays featured in Luna Theater’s second annual world-premiere play festival stop and start like a rusty robot looking for some lubricant.
Most memorable moment: Fifteen minutes after the lights dim to black, a woman in the second row begins to snore. I couldn’t help but think, Why is this lady sleeping? Is it because the three directors and six playwrights ignore the fact that each play revolves around the same catastrophic future on the same stage set designer Mary Rossiter littered with refuse like barbed wire, broken fences, disconnected computer monitors, television screens and loose flat tires? Is it because Kristen Scatton’s The Last Man on Earth—which explores how, post-Mayan apocalypse, the last woman on earth chooses to live alone because the last man on earth happens to be her ex-boyfriend—is a thinly-veiled bad joke stretched into a 10-minute play? The title is the punch line. These short one-acts could easily bleed into each other effectively as six scenes of the same play.
Scene stealer: C.J. Celeiro’s {sonic art} takes place 1,000 years in the future, when audible language has become obsolete. Celeiro liberates actors Michelle Pauls, Gina Martino and Joe Matyas to simply inhabit Rossiter’s wasteland while sparing the audience from the painfully cute dialogue crammed with exhaustively dated R.E.M song lyrics, penis jokes and bunny rabbits that dominate the rest of the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts.

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