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In ‘exile’ after sentencing, marijuana activist Goldstein continues fight

Politicians are endorsing it. President Obama says it’s not so dangerous. If a Democrat wins the Pennsylvania’s governor’s race this November, it’ll be decriminalized. But for the time being, in Philadelphia, its advocates and users are still getting arrested, and receiving, in one case, two years probation and harsh fines. Chris Goldstein, a member of Philly’s [...]

Posted Apr. 23, 2014                

Calendar: April 23-30

Black Gay Pride; Murder at the Mütter; "This is The Week That Is;" Dining Out For Life; Philly Brick Fest; and more.

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By Brian Freedman

It's Pennsylvania wine's time to shine

Local wine is getting its shine on right now—and local eateries are starting to pay attention.

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There’s Nothing Crazy About Being Crazy

America is a nation full of mental health problems. So why do we have such a problem with them?

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  • Savage Love
    By Dan Savage

    Webcamming—aka camwhoring—is widely regarded as the safest form of sex work. Webcammers aren’t in the same room with their clients, and cammers have the ability to instantly...

  • Letters to the Editor
    By PW Readers

    Patty is a hero who stands up for what she believes in. It’s not about the money; it’s about right and wrong. We as a country used to shun evildoers, now we pay them big...

  • First Person Arts Podcast: Proud Mom

    Mary tells the story of her experience as a teenage mom and her journey to break free of shame, judgement and feelings of being unqualified....


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