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Philly legislator Mike Stack talks minimum wage on MSNBC

Raising the minimum wage has become a huge national issue this election year and State Sen. Mike Stack (D-Philadelphia), who is running for Lt. Governor, has co-sponsored a bill that would raise both the standard and tipped minimum wage to $12 per hour in Pennsylvania. The bill, which he introduced alongside State Sen. Daylin Leach, [...]

Posted Apr. 17, 2014                

Calendar: April 16-23

Philadanco; Carl Cox; Sex with Timaree; Clean Up in Clark Park; Philly Zombie Crawl; Fair Foods Fair; and more.

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By Brian Freedman

Foisting Food Fads on Fido

Just because something’s become a foodie buzzword doesn’t mean it’s what your pet needs.

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By Genevieve Valentine

Genevieve Spoils Everything: Romance with an AI—always tricky

Cinema’s relationship with technology is complicated. Though the high tech of the moment makes for a snazzy narrative (at least until the cell phones get dated)—it brings with it a healthy veneer of skepticism.

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Should we really be so happy when a fictional villain dies painfully?

This is schadenfreude at its purest. The word is a German derivative meaning “harm joy,” by the way; it’s that cheap thrill we experience whenever someone rightly—in our mind, anyway—gets some sort of comeuppance.

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